Baby Quilt Patterns for Boys and Girls

Quilt Patterns for Babies and Toddlers

Try one of these baby quilt patterns the next time you want to make a quilt for a baby, toddler or older child. The quilt patterns include detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations, making them suitable for quilters of every skill level. Some of the blocks in the baby quilt patterns have lots of patchwork, so consider starting with a simple design if it's your first quilt. Once you've completed the project, you'll be ready for more.

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    Monkey Wrench Baby Quilt Pattern
    Sew a Monkey Wrench Baby Quilt. Janet Wickell

    This little baby quilt is made with 18 Monkey Wrench quilt blocks sewn in two different color combinations. Blocks are placed on point and surrounded by setting triangles. Sashing and cornerstones separate the quilt blocks.

    The little Monkey Wrench quilt finishes at about 38" x 47". If you like miniature quilts, try a 23" x 29" version of the same design.

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    Little Spinners Baby Quilt Pattern
    Little Spinners Baby Quilt Pattern. Janet Wickell

    This simple baby quilt makes a wonderful scrappy project but is every bit as effective when sewn in a controlled color scheme. Each quilt block is assembled from four strip-pieced segments, putting the blocks and quilt together couldn't be more simple. Choose any theme you like for Little Spinners, vintage-look to contemporary. Need a larger quilt? Simply sew more blocks.

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    X's and O's Baby Quilt Pattern with Sashing
    Make the X's and O's Baby Quilt with Sashing. Janet Wickell

    Some X's and O's quilts are sewn with blocks butted against each other, and most often the blocks are sewn in only the 'X' configuration. The O shapes truly stand out when the four units in each quilt block are shifted around a bit and then separated with sashing.

    This small quilt finishes at about 51" x 58" with the two borders shown. Make it smaller by eliminating one or both of the borders. To make a project without sashing, take a look at another easy X's and...MORE O's quilt pattern.

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    Dawn's Light Baby Quilt Pattern
    Dawn's Light Baby Quilt Pattern. © Janet Wickell

    Dawn's Light finishes at about 43" x 56", so it's a bit larger than some baby quilt patterns. The example has a soft, pastel appearance, but you can splash it with lots of vivid colors if you like.

    The sashing and cornerstones that surround the blocks are small-scale, so be sure your quarter inch seam allowance is accurate and press as you sew to keep the blocks (and final quilt) accurate.

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    Nine Patch Baby Quilt Pattern
    Floating Nine Patch Baby Quilt. © Janet Wickell

    Traditional snowball and nine patch quilt blocks are used to make this 38" x 63" quilt. Quilt blocks are placed on-point, and partial blocks are used to fill-in at the sides and corners (rather than plain setting triangles).

    Your choice of quilting fabrics will determine which elements of the quilt pop out a bit more than others.

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    Easy Framed Four Patch Quilt Pattern
    Four Patch quilt with alternating colors of outer frames. © Janet Wickell

    Try this contemporary baby quilt pattern to sew a quilt that finishes at about 34" x 56", perfect for an older baby or toddler. When you arrive at the pattern, you'll see that the four patch units resting inside the frames are made in two slightly different sizes and that the double frames differ, too.

    You'll find another variation, a quilt with white framing. It illustrates how easy it is to alter the looks of this contemporary little quilt.

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    Baby Propellers Quilt Pattern.

    This little baby quilt finishes at about 34-1/2" x 43-1/4", and is made with 18 traditional Propeller quilt blocks that are placed on-point. All of the blocks contain the same fabrics. In six of the blocks, a strip pieced unit is flipped around so that like-fabrics don't meet when the quilt is assembled. That one little step gives the layout a bit of visual movement.

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    Baby Quilt Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    Rail Fence quilts are always easy to sew, and the Rail Fence baby quilt in this pattern is no exception. Quilt blocks are strip pieced using five side-by-side strips of fabric. When you cut the segments apart, you're finished with the blocks. That's it! You might spend more time deciding which fabrics to use than it takes to sew the quilt top.

    Do sew with an accurate 1/4" seam allowance and press carefully to avoid stretch. The quilt is difficult to see in this small image, so click...MORE through for a better view.

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    Sailboats Quilt
    Sailboats Quilt. Janet Wickell

    This little sailboats quilt is made up of fifteen 8-inch patchwork quilt blocks sewn into horizontal rows and separated by sashing and cornerstones. The example uses the same fabrics throughout, but the pattern would be perfect for a scrap quilt.

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    Baby Quilt Pattern
    Taking Flight Baby Quilt. Janet Wickell

    Taking Flight isn't difficult to sew, but it does require a bit more time to assemble than some of the other baby quilt patterns. A variety of different patches gives you an excellent opportunity to vary the color value—it would make a very nice scrap quilt.

    Blocks are 6" square and the quilt finishes at about 39-1/2" x 47".

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    Baby Quilt Patterns
    Janet Wickell

    Broken Dishes is a traditional patchwork quilt block made entirely with half-square triangle units. The blocks in this quilt finish at 6-inches square, a nice small scale for a baby quilt or wallhanging. Make a scrap quilt or devise a more orderly fabric arrangement.

    Overall, the quilt measures 36-1/2" x 42-1/2".

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    Birds Baby Quilt Pattern
    Darting Birds Baby Quilt. Janet Wickell

    The Darting Birds baby quilt is made by sewing twelve 6-inch quilt blocks on point and surrounding them with setting squares and triangles.

    Darting Birds was used in a quilt block exchange. Be sure to take a look at the color layout used for those blocks —a blue sky background with black and white birds. The blocks were lovely. Another Darting Birds.

    This cute baby quilt finishes at 35" x 43-1/2".

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    Baby Quilt Patterns
    Janet Wickell

    The Whirlpools baby quilt goes together pretty quickly, so the pattern might come in handy when you need a last minute project. The quilt is made with one traditional block sewn in two different colorways. Blocks are assembled entirely with quick pieced flying geese units, but using two different methods.

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    Baby Quilt Patterns
    Janet Wickell

    The Framed Nine Patch Quilt is made from easy nine patch blocks that are surrounded by frames —dark bars on opposite sides and light bars on the two remaining sides. Adjoining blocks are flip-flopped when sewn into horizontal rows, and the change of orientation creates a somewhat stairstep-like appearance.

    You'll find instructions for two sizes, a bed quilt made with 10" square blocks and a baby quilt made with 5" square blocks.

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    Baby Quilt Patterns
    Janet Wickell

    Here's a baby quilt pattern that measures about 38" x 45". Made with 6" square blocks, it's pretty simple to construct. Sashing and cornerstones separate the scrappy blocks, which are sewn in brightly colored, warm patchwork set on a dark brown background. Simply change the color scheme if you'd like to give the quilt a different appearance.

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    Baby Quilt Pattern
    Single Irish Chain Baby Quilt with Pre-Printed Panels. Janet Wickell

    This quick baby quilt idea is incorporated into the Single Irish Chain quilt block pattern. Cut alternate squares from novelty fabrics or a pre-printed panel.

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    Baby Quilt Patterns
    Easy Baby Quilts. Janet Wickell

    Both of these easy baby quilts are made from simple squares of fabric. They are a good choice for a first quilt, especially if you want to make a baby quilt as a gift but don't necessarily want to invest in all of the tools required to cut and assemble a myriad of patchwork shapes.

    Be sure to look at page 5 of the pattern—it explains how to convert the quilts into rag quilts.

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    Baby Quilt Pattern
    Springtime Baby Quilt. Janet Wickell

    Make the Springtime Baby Quilt from two different traditional quilt blocks, Snowball and another block that's often called Double V or Double R. Nancy Cabot and the Kansas City Star were two of its publishers. Alter the colors in this quilt to suit any decor.

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    Baby Quilt Patterns
    Janet Wickell

    Vintage Orchards is an easy baby quilt pattern that's made with one simple block but in two color variations. When alternated in the quilt, the blocks join together to create a secondary pattern with a subtle on-point look. You can change the quilt's theme entirely and still get the same overall look by focusing on color value, and not color itself.

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    Framed Nine Patch Baby Quilt Pattern
    Framed Nine Patch Baby Quilt. Janet Wickell

    The Framed Nine Patch baby quilt measures about 45-1/2" x 60-1/2" -- larger than the typical baby quilt. But the design works nicely for toddlers.

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    Baby Quilt Pattern
    Double Star Quilt. Janet Wickell

    Traditional Double Star quilt blocks, also known as Hope of Hartford, are used for this project. Each quilt block is made from four identical quarter-square triangle units, one center square, and four rectangles. Blocks are straight-sewn and separated by sashing.

    At 55" x 67", the quilt finishes slightly larger than most baby quilts —perfect for a little girl or boy to grow into.

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    Got Blues Quilt Pattern
    Make an Easy Patchwork Quilt. Janet Wickell

    Do you recognize this quilt block? It's the same Double V design used in the Springtime Baby Quilt, but the quilt is made from larger 10" square versions of the block. The quilt finishes at about 55" x 69".

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    Baby Quilt Pattern
    In the Pinks Baby Quilt Pattern. Janet Wickell

    In the Pinks is made from two traditional quilt blocks, Broken Dishes and a variation of the Hour Glass design. Quilt blocks are set on point and surrounded by setting triangles and corner triangles. The quilt illustrated is pastel —choose different fabrics to alter its theme.

    Blocks finish at 9" square and the quilt measures about 44" x 57". 

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    Baby Quilt Pattern
    Little Road Trip Quilt. Janet Wickell

    Here's a super easy little quilt, called Road Trip for the Route 66 fabrics that are illustrated. To make this strippy quilt, assemble columns of squares, placing rectangles at the ends of a few columns to create the wavelike appearance.

    The quilt finishes at about 44-1/2" x 50-1/2".

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    And There's More...

    Baby on Vintage Quilt
    Baby on Vintage Quilt. Moment / Getty Images

    Don't forget to browse the quilt block patterns. Many of the smaller blocks are suitable for use in a baby quilt of your own design.

    All of these patterns are suitable for either a little boy or a girl. Change fabrics in any way to create a brand new theme.