12 Free Knitting Patterns for Baby Hat, Scarf, and More

A baby covered by a yarn baby blanket
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Get your needles and yarn basket ready to produce soft and cozy knitted items for the new baby or toddler. Use these free patterns to knit hats, scarves, blankets, socks and more.

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    Many new knitters start with a basic garter stitch scarf as their first knitting project. You can make this pattern baby-sized by knitting with a lighter weight of yarn or using fewer stitches per row.

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    This generously-sized baby blanket is easy to knit. It is the ideal first blanket project for new knitters, and at almost four feet square, it can also be a small lap blanket for adults. It is a warm blanket made of wool, although you could make it from acrylic yarn so it would be easier to launder. You can choose the stripe colors to match the nursery color scheme.

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    These socks stay on a baby's feet more easily than booties, and they aren't much more effort to knit. This pattern is especially tiny for newborns and preemies.

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    Once your baby is getting around on her own two feet, these socks in a simple stockinette stitch will keep her toes warm. The pattern will also quickly get you through the scary part of shaping the heel and the toe.

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    This cat hat is a quick and easy pattern, sure to be a hit with any cat-loving girl or boy (just choose a color that they love). The hat is made with a simple stockinette stitch worked in the round. Then you add the simple triangular ears and stitched embellishments. With a little creativity, it could become any number of different animals.

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    This hat is super easy to knit and looks adorable on any baby. You can knit it in cotton or wool. The pattern ranges in sizes from preemie to four years. You don't have to worry if the pattern turns out to be a little too long, as you can fold it over for a watch cap look.

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    This seed stitch baby hat pattern is a quick and easy knit that is perfect for a shower gift. The textured pattern makes it stretchy so it will fit a variety of head sizes. Knit it in cotton, so it's soft and easy to wash.

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    For baby's first Christmas, this Santa hat is as cute as can be. Have it ready for those formal Christmas photos and then again throughout the holiday celebrations with family and friends eager to cuddle the young one.

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    You can size this pattern down for toddlers and knit a combination hat and scarf to keep them warm throughout the winter. It's a fun hat to make, and it is even reversible.

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    These classic baby booties are a little fancier as they include the cable stitch.

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    This little beauty is comfortable, soft, chic and unique. You can make it for either a boy or a girl, and it will have them ready for their close-up.

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    Top off the aran baby suit with this aran vest. You won't have fuss with knitting sleeves, and it dresses up any baby outfit.