Free Antique & Vintage Pattern Resources

Looking for Vintage Needlepoint Patterns? Check Out These Free Resources

Check out this list of FREE vintage and antique pattern resources that are in the public domain. You can use these lovely designs as inspiration for designing your own needlepoint projects. The wealth of charted, easy-to-follow designs can be adapted without difficulty.

You've probably seen needlework stitched from patterns like these on the walls of museums and art galleries. Most of the needlepoint patterns from these sources are easy to re-create, and you can use a wide variety of embellishments to make your needlepoint unique.

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    Antique Pattern Library

    This extensive online catalog of public domain, antique and vintage patterns can be searched alphabetically by author, technique, subject and publisher. Although it includes patterns for other types of embroidery and needlework, some of these designs can easily be adapted for needlepoint as well.

    Free Download from PDF Links

    Thousands of patterns are available from the Antique Pattern Library. You can stretch your imagination with vintage designs of flower drawings, needlework charts, vintage needlepoint slippers, antique tiles, beadwork, various art categories including Art Deco and Art Nouveau, and so much more. There are so many antique projects from which to choose.

    The Antique Pattern Library is maintained by a nonprofit organization. Keep this in mind as you browse through the vast selection.

    A Friendly Caution: You'll want to spend hours selecting the patterns, so make sure to have lots of spare time along with extra space on your computer hard drive to download as many documents as your computer can hold!

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    Pattern Maker Charts


    This ever-growing free pattern site features charted designs from all over the world. The blog's owner re-charts the vintage and antique patterns in PatternMaker Software from Hobbyware. However, you can download the PDF images to your computer and adapt them for needlepoint.

    Although not as extensive as the previously mentioned vintage resource, this one will encourage you to search for designs from old books in antique stores or the public library; and since there are a variety of free online pattern making software programs for needlepoint, you can easily scan and upload your files to create a needlepoint chart.

    Easy Tip: Use the software mentioned in this resource along with the patterns you download from the Antique Pattern Library to create your own original needlepoint designs!

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    Swappons (site is in French)


    This site features PDFs of some very good charted designs from Anchor, DMC Corporation, Sajou and more. Although in French, you can use your web browser's translation tool to read it in whichever language you desire.

    You'll have to spend some time looking through the items on the site by checking out each page until you come across the designs you would like to download; but it's well worth the time and effort. 

    Multitask Advice: While researching, think of ways you can use other types of needlework patterns on the website in future needlepoint projects.

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    Handmade Adelaide

    Handmade Adelaide

    Looking for that perfect vintage needlepoint project you wish to make for a baby or small child? If you've ever wanted to try your hand at making an unique gift for a newborn or favorite child, you definitely should spend a few minutes browsing though this site.

    You're guaranteed to enjoy looking at the adorable patterns created with children in mind.

    The site has more than just needlepoint patterns; but this specific page features an assortment of free designs that have been re-charted from vintage patterns for ease of reading. There are perfect for babies and children and related special gifts.

    Handmade Adelaide is not only about vintage designs; you can get tips and advice on working all kinds of handmade projects for babies.

Choosing a Resource That Meets Your Needs

No matter which resource you use, you will benefit from a thorough search of each website. However, by far, the most extensive resource on the list is the Antique Pattern Library. Use it over and over again as new designs are added on a regular basis. Try the other resources when designing and making specialty needlepoint items and gifts.