Free Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

Easy Jigsaw Puzzles to Piece Together on Your Computer

These free jigsaw puzzles of medium difficulty are a fun pastime for animal lovers. Download and play them on your computer and share them with your friends.

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    Horse Jigsaw Puzzles

    Bureau Of Land Management Rounds Up Wild Horses
    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    Beautiful images of horses for your puzzling pleasure. These jigsaw puzzles are free. Enjoy them and feel free to share them with all your friends.

    Want to piece your jigsaw the old-fashioned way? Follow the link if you're looking to purchase 300+ piece horse jigsaw puzzles online.

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    Animal Jigsaw Puzzles from National Geographic

    Dozens of beautiful images of wild animals to piece together online from the people at National Geographic Magazine. These puzzles come in three difficulty levels: choose the large-piece option for an easy-to-solve 35-piece puzzle, medium pieces for a 60-piece puzzle and small pieces for a more challenging 72-piece jigsaw game. The easiest puzzles can be solved in less than five minutes; the most challenging in 20 minutes or so.

    I much prefer these online jigsaws because the pieces appear three-dimensional and have different shapes, as you would see in a traditional cardboard jigsaw puzzle.

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    Animal Jigsaw Puzzles from the JigZone Gallery

    Dozens of free jigsaw puzzles featuring all your favorite animal friends. Dogs, cats, butterflies and creature of the wild are all featured here. The basic format is the 48-piece classic cut, but simply change the cut for an easier, or more challenging, jigsaw puzzle game.

    Personally, I'm not a great fan of these games. The pieces appear two-dimensional and they all look alike to me.