1,789 Free Address Label Templates

Printable Mailing Label Templates in a Variety of Styles

An illustration of address labels and envelopes sitting on a desk next to scissors, pens, plants, and a laptop

The Spruce / Colleen Tighe

These free address templates are going to save you a ton of time by letting you type in your address and print them on labels which can then quickly be stuck in an envelope.

These free address templates aren't just functional either, they look great and come in lots of different designs and styles. Besides return address templates, there are also some recipient address templates and wraparound templates.

Besides using these free address templates for your everyday mailing, they'll also look great on wedding invitations, party invitations, Christmas cards, or other bulk mailings.

These free address templates look great when printed on adhesive label paper but you can also print them on regular paper and use a glue stick to attach them to your envelope. If you're using label paper, check each website to see which paper will work best. You can also use full-sheet labels and then cut the address out with scissors.

There are more free labels you can create and print for your wine bottles, water bottles, and canning jars, as well as anything you'd like to give a vintage look.

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    Address Label Templates from Avery

    A address label template with pink and orange flowers

    Avery has over 1500 free address label templates that fall into the categories of blank, animals and nature, business and occupation, holidays, home and school, non-profit and religion, and styles. 

    You can customize all of the address label templates by changing the image, size, color, and insert your own address. 

    You'll need to sign up for a free Avery account and then you can print out your labels on either label paper or copy paper. You also have the option of saving them as a PDF file so you can easily access them later.

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    Free Address Label Templates from Online Labels

    Choosing a color an address label template
    Online Labels

    Online Labels has 200+ free address label templates for graduation announcements, Christmas cards, wedding announcements, and lots of labels for everyday use.  

    Enter your name and address for your label and choose another color if available. You're then all ready to print them on label paper or computer paper. 

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    Colorful Address Templates by Daffodil Design

    A colorful address label template with dots.
    Daffodil Design

    The free address template at Daffodil Design is so modern and fun!

    Download the address template as a .doc file for Microsoft Word and then change the information to reflect your information. You can even use the tools in Microsoft Word to change the colors of the design if you'd like.

    When printed, this free address template will make labels that are 2.58 x 1 inch, which fits great on the label sheets that have 30 per sheet.

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    Free Address Labels from Lia Griffith

    Envelopes and packages with address labels on them.
    Lia Griffith/World Label

    Lia Griffith has designed these beautiful watercolor address labels for World Label and they're free for you to download, print, and use on all your envelopes and packages.

    There are large floral wrap around address labels as well as thinner wraparound labels as well as traditional address labels. They're in pinks, peaches, blues, and greens and are available in two different fonts.

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    Free Printable Mailing Labels by Love. Obsess. Inspire.

    Envelopes with address labels in a basket.
    Love. Obsess. Inspire.

    I just can't get enough of this free address template that creates these gorgeous wraparound address labels in blue and orange, green and yellow, and pastel orange and blue.

    Each page prints 3 labels and a bonus 2 mini flat notecards.

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    Christmas Address Label Templates from We Heart Parties

    Two envelopes on a table with holiday address labels on them.
    We Heart Parties

    I wanted to include at least one set of holiday address label templates on the list, and these will not disappoint.

    These wrap around address labels have a chalkboard style "Merry Christmas" side that goes on the back and a red background that goes on the front with your return address.

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    Free Address Templates from Kori Clark

    Three different styles of address labels on envelopes.
    Kori Clark

    Kori Clark has a downloadable set of address templates that come in three different styles, two in wrap-around style and one that is square.

    Use all of just one style of these free address templates to customize your own stationary, invitations, or cards.

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    Peony Pattern Wrap Around Labels by How Joyful

    Two envelopes with peony wrap around address labels on them.
    How Joyful

    Now these free address labels will add some beauty to any plain envelope!

    Using this free address template will give you as many labels as you need in four different floral designs.

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    My Craft Affair's Free Address Label Templates

    An illustrated address label template
    My Craft Affair

    My Craft Affair has designed these lovely hand-drawn address label templates that print off in black and light pink.

    You can customize these address labels with your return address as well as the delivery address. After you print them simply wrap them around your envelope for a classic look. 

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    Squirrel Address Template by How About Orange

    A fall themed address label template on an orange envelope.
    How About Orange

    This free address template really only works for the fall but it was so cute I had to include it on the list.

    You'll need to first download the address template and then fill it out with your information. After that, you can print it and then put it on your envelope.

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    Sweet Little Birdie Address Template from World Label

    Address labels with birds in blue, orange, and green.
    World Label

    World Label has made another great free address template with their Sweet Little Birdie collection.

    Besides a free address label, there's also matching shipping labels, all purpose labels, and round stickers.

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    Vintage Gummed Parcel Post Shipping Labels by World Label

    A sheet of red vintage address label templates.
    World Label

    These free address templates will give your letter or package a vintage feel. I think they'd be perfect for the holidays!

    Download this PDF file and use the Autofill feature to fill in both the addresses.

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    Design Finch's Free Address Templates

    Colorful envelopes with address labels
    Design Finch

    The free address templates over at Design Finch aren't just functional, they are really great looking too. They're available in yellow, blue, green, orange, and red and fit A2, A6, and A7 envelopes.

    Download this PDF file and type in your return address into the template. You can then print them off and use them on your envelopes.