Free 9-inch Patchwork Quilt Block Patterns

Domino Net Quilt Block Pattern
Janet Wickell

Nine-inch quilt blocks are nearly always nine-patch designs. That means the layout begins with a grid of nine squares—three across and three down. The individual grids are usually subdivided to create more grids.

Nine-Patch quilt blocks can be created in any size, but we usually take a look at the gridwork and assign a size for each grid that works best for rotary cutting tasks. Many of the quilt block patterns linked below include instructions for multiple sizes.

Straight Grain Patches

All of the quilt blocks in this group have either rectangular or square patchwork that's cut along the fabric's sturdy straight grains. That means less stretch and improved accuracy.

Triangles and Other Bias Edge Patches

Although the quilt blocks in this group are all made with triangles, I've used quick piecing techniques to help you avoid handling the fabric's stretchy bias edge.