Free 8-Inch Quilt Block Patterns

Jewel Tone Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern
Janet Wickell

Eight-inch-square quilt blocks are a wonderful size for any project, from baby quilts to wall hangings to bed quilts. Why? Because they are (usually) constructed from patchwork pieces that are not too large and work perfectly with quilts of any scale. Below you'll find patterns for making your own quilt blocks and ideas for fun things to do with them. 

Make a Sampler Quilt with the Quilt Blocks

Many eight-inch quilt blocks are four patch designs that can be easily combined to create a sampler quilt. You don't need a specific sampler quilt layout pattern to sew a unique quilt -- simply try separating your blocks with sashing and cornerstones. If you prefer, omit the cornerstones and use plain sashing strips instead.

Separating quilt blocks with sashing is a helpful technique to use when the patchwork in adjacent blocks doesn't meet up in a symmetrical way after the blocks are sewn together, something that can happen even if quilt blocks are the same size.

Use 8" Blocks in a Quilters' Block Exchange

Quilters often choose 8" square quilt blocks for block exchanges. Most quilters draw fabrics from their leftover stashes to make swap blocks and the patches in 8" blocks are usually small enough give quilters more variety in patch selection. A block exchange can be a fun event to plan with friends. 

Patterns for 8" Quilt Blocks

More Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns

The quilt blocks above all finish at 8" square (a few are a bit different) and represent just a few of the hundreds of quilt patterns you can find online. Here you'll find more free quilt patterns in the archives, sorted into galleries that provide thumbnail previews: