Frame Wrapped Polished Stone Pendant

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    Wrapped Polished Stone Pendant

    silver wire wrapper pendant
    Super easy way to wrap an undrilled stone - uses Artistic Wire Wrapper frame. Lisa Yang

    While I was searching for the 24g wire to make the tutorial to wire wrap an undrilled polished stone, I stumbled across a box of goodies that I received earlier in the year from Beadalon.  Beadalon makes Artistic Wire and all sorts of wonderful tools and jewelry making supplies.

    When I saw the Artistic Wire Wrappers, I knew that they may be an easy way to wrap a polished undrilled stone but... well, I was already committed to my plan of wrapping it with wire.  But I was smart enough to keep the wrappers out where I could find them again so I could give it a try!

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    Artistic Wire Wrappers Pendant Frames

    Beadalon Artistic Wire Wrapper Frames
    Aritstic Wire Wrapper beading frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Lisa Yang

     The Artistic Wire Wrappers are metal frames that come in 9 different shapes and 3 metal finishes including silver, antique brass and hematite, which I would say closely resembles a gun metal finish.

    What makes the wrappers unique is that they have scalloped edges on the outside edge of the frame that is the perfect groove for wire to fit into.  It makes it easy to wrap wire on the shape without the wire slipping off the edge.

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    Selecting a Wrapper Frame and Stone Combination

    Fit stone to Wire Wrapper frame
    Fit the stone to the Wire Wrapper frame. Lisa Yang

    I sorted through my  stash of polished stones to find a pleasing combination of stone shape and frame shape.  In addition to wrapping an undrilled stone, I can also see the wrapper frames being used to attach beads on the outside of the frame, to add wire with beads across the frame, in scrap booking or paper crafting, or many other ways.

    There is a short video to get started using Artistic Wire Wrappers featuring Julianna Hudgins, a former Beadwork guide here at  Of course, I didn't see it until after I tried it my own way - so the good news is that there are multiple ways to start and complete the wraps!

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    Attach Wire to the Artistic Wire Wrapper Frame

    Wrap wire to frame
    Wrap the wire to the frame in one of the cut out area. Lisa Yang

     I used 26g gold colored wire for this project, and I think it worked perfectly. I am sure this will also work with 22g and 24g wire too.. For caging a stone like I am doing in this project, it may overshadow the center stone.

    I started my wrap with a 10 inch piece of wire. In addition, I used wire flush cutters and chain nose pliers for this project.

    Attach the wire by wrapping it around one of the grooves on the edge of the frame.

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    Start Wrapping the Wire Around the Frame

    Begin wrapping wire around frame
    Secure wire and make first couple of wraps around the frame before inserting the stone. Lisa Yang

    Wrap the wire across the frame. There is no need to do a complete wrap around each groove, just place the wire in a groove and continue around the frame to another groove on the other side.

    I started wrapping so I would have support for the stone. Then I slide in the stone, positioned it and continued wrapping.

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    Securing the Wire Tail

    Loop wire around frame to secure
    Loop the end of the working wire around the frame to secure. Lisa Yang

    After wrapping through all of the grooves, you can wrap the wire around one of the grooves to secure the tail. This is the same method that I used to start the wire wrap.

    I have to admit, wrapping the wire around the frame was somewhat addicting. It was so easy and fun to see how it was coming out, that I didn't even stop to take pictures along the way. Next thing I knew - it was done!

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    Squeeze the Wire Tail Flat Against the Frame

    Flatten wire to wire wrapper frame
    Flatten the wrap wire against the wire wrapper frame. Lisa Yang

    After wrapping and trimming the wire tail, be sure to press it flat using pliers. You want to make sure the wire edge is not sharp and cannot poke skin or get caught on clothing. You can limit the possibility by trimming the wire end on the inside edge of the pendant frame.

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    Completed Polished Stone Pendant

    Wire Wrapper Pendant
    Wire wrapper completed pendant. Lisa Yang

     A great freature of pendants like this is that the wire pattern is different on both sides. 

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    Add a Jump Ring and Chain

    wire wrapper silver on gold chain
    Artistic Wire Wrapper frame with sodalite stone and gold wire. Lisa Yang

     Add a 5 mm silver colored jump ring to hang the pendant. Since the wire used to wrap the stone is gold tone, the pendant looks great on a gold tone chain too.  It's always great when a design can work equally well on a silver or gold chain. 

    *The Artistic Wire Wrappers were provided to me free of charge by Beadalon. They did not require me to review the product and it did not influence my use of or happiness with the product. The project is my own.