Folded Paper Basket Tutorial

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    Folded Paper Basket

    Red paper basket
    Kate Pullen

    This basket is folded from a single rectangle sheet of paper. This is an "almost origami" basket, as it can't strictly be called origami since glue is used to hold the basket together firmly. The basic principle, however, of folding a sheet of paper to make a three-dimensional object is the same as traditional origami.

    The proportions of the paper will determine the size of the basket and the length of the handles. Here, a half-sheet of letter-sized paper was cut lengthwise, which created a sheet of paper that was 4.25" x 11". The longer the rectangle is in proportion to the width, the longer the handles will be (if this doesn't make sense, try making it--it will soon become clear!). Any paper will work well, however it is best not to use heavy or thick paper as this will be difficult to shape.

    This isn't a difficult project, but it is definitely a good idea to make the basket from scrap paper to start with. This is particularly important if you want to place a rubber stamp in a specific position on the basket. The best way to do this is to make the basket out of scrap paper, draw on the basket where you want the rubber stamped image to appear, carefully undo the basket and use this as a template to position the rubber stamped image on the quality paper.

    Supplies Required

    • A rectangle of paper (this example used a piece that was 4.25" x 11")
    • Rubber stamps and ink as required
    • Glue, ruler and paper folder (optional)

    See the following pages for a step-by-step guide to making this easy origami-like folded paper basket.

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    Take a Rectangle Piece of Paper

    Rectangle-shaped paper on table
    Kate Pullen

    Start with a rectangle piece of paper. If you are going to stamp the paper it is best to do so before you start to fold the paper as this will make it difficult to obtain a clear stamped impression. If you have a paper scorer, score and fold the paper as you go to get crisp edges.

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    Fold the Paper in Half

    Hand folding paper
    Kate Pullen
    Fold the paper in half from top to bottom.
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    Hand holding piece of paper
    Kate Pullen

    With the folded edge of the paper at the top, fold the paper in half again from left to right.

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    Fold the Corner

    Hand holding paper on table
    Kate Pullen

    Carefully pull open the outside edge of the paper and fold the top down on each side so it forms a triangle. Repeat this on the other side.

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    Re-Fold Paper

    Folded paper with A and B labeled
    Kate Pullen

    With the paper folded so that one triangle is exposed, take one edge of the paper and fold it so that the triangle is folded back on itself (fold A to B in the image) and repeat on the other side.

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    Fold the Handles

    Paper with A-D labeled
    Kate Pullen

    The triangle shape will be the bottom of the basket. Lightly mark the top of the paper to indicate equal thirds. Fold one edge over at the first mark and fold the remaining edge over on the second mark (fold A to B and C to D in the image). Repeat this on the other side.

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    Form the Basket Shape

    Hand holding folded paper basket
    Kate Pullen

    Now for the clever part: Carefully pull the two long pieces apart and use your fingers to flatten out the triangle to form the base of the basket. At this point, carefully run a row of glue along the edges of the handles to hold the edges firmly in place. If this is just a run-through and you are going to unfold the basket, then don't worry about adding glue at this stage.

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    Glue the Handles

    Completed paper basket
    Kate Pullen

    The basket can be finished by gluing the handles together. If you want a shorter handle trim the excess as required. There are a number of ways that this basic basket can be adapted, including a simple yet effective variation.

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    Variation on the Basket

    Colorful paper basket with scrolled "handles"
    Kate Pullen

    Instead of forming the long edges to make a handle for the basket, an interesting variation is to roll the edges over to form scrolls.

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