Use Flying Geese to Sew this Easy Quilt Block Pattern

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    Make Strippy Style Flying Geese Quilt Blocks

    Flying Geese Quilt Block Pattern
    Six Examples of the Flying Geese Quilt Block. Janet wickell

    Sew this strippy set Flying Geese quilt block pattern to assemble quilt blocks with simple quick piecing techniques.

    Use the Flying Geese quilt block on its own or put it to work to create columns of geese or rows in strippy set quilts, or when you'd love to make a Flying Geese border within your quilt. 

    Geese Examples

    Six different examples of Flying Geese blocks are shown and their colors and layouts illustrate just a tiny sample of the looks you can create with the quilt block.

    The block below left is constructed with the same side bars as the triangles used for the sides of its geese -- something you might want to consider for your own quilt. You could even eliminate the side bars entirely, depending on the final look you want to create.

    Fabric For Flying Geese

    Choose three  (or more) different fabrics for each quilt block:

    • black for geese backgrounds
    • a bright or any contrasting fabric for geese
    • a fabric for the side bars

    The color scheme suggested was used in a former quilting block exchange -- alter the fabrics as desired to create a theme.

    To Sew One Quick Pieced Flying Geese Block

    Refer to the blocks in the illustration. This is a very simple design to assemble.

    • Bright for geese: (3) 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" rectangles
    • Side bars: (2) 1-1/2" x 6-1/2" bars
    • Solid Black or Black-on-Black: (6) 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" squares

    Use the quick-pieced Flying Geese instructions to assemble the geese  

    1. Make three identical Geese units from the jewel rectangles and black squares.
    2. Sew together along long edges, with Geese pointing the same direction. Press to set the seams.
    3. Press seam allowances that separate geese either direction.
    4. Sew a long bar to each side of the unit. Press seam allowance towards the bars.
    5. The quilt block should measure 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" square.

    Another Quick Pieced Method for Flying Geese

    The no waste Flying Geese technique explains how to construct four identical geese without wasting fabric. Give that method a try -- it's fast and accurate and perfect when you need multiple geese.

    You can even vary the four squares used in the no waste method. The resulting geese may not be as scrappy as geese that are sewn with rectangles and squares, but they will definitely vary.

    The no waste Flying Geese Cutting chart will help you determine square sizes for any type of geese you'd like to create.

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    Quilts Sewn with Flying Geese

    doll quilt
    Geese and Flowers Strippy Doll Quilt. made by Jennifer (mrseldoo)

    This miniature quilt with curved outer edges is made with a combination of rows of Flying Geese, with rows of applque flowers and vines separating them. 

    • Which Way Do We Go? is another strippy set quilt that features lots of Flying Geese.
    • Flying in Circles gives you lots of geese assembly practice.
    • Louisiana Pinwheels offers another take on Flying Geese, using them to create a pinwheel quilt block.

    Flying Geese are used in many ways in quilt patterns. Try all of the methods you can find to create this popular patchwork unit and you'll find that you instinctively choose the best method for future quilting projects.