DIY Scrapbook Page Flower Embellishments

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    How to Make a Torn Flower Scrapbook Page Embellishment

    Completed Torn Flower with Gem Centers
    The Spruce / Rebecca Ludens

    Torn paper flowers make some unique and beautiful scrapbook page embellishments. Since you can use scraps and the free pattern included in these step by step instructions, torn paper flowers are a very inexpensive way to decorate your scrapbook pages. By tearing, inking, and stacking scrapbook paper, you can make your own scrapbook page embellishments that perfectly complement your next scrapbook page layout. This flower is finished off with tiny gems to add a touch of "glam" to the scrapbook page.

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    Free Flower Pattern

    DIY Flower Scrapbook Page Embellishments Free Pattern
    The Spruce / Rebecca Ludens

    This flower pattern is in graduated sizes so that you can print it directly onto the back of a piece of cardstock and use it as a guide for tearing out paper flowers. You could also use it to cut out flowers for your scrapbook pages if you did not want the look of torn flowers.

    To save this pattern to your computer, simply right click on the pattern and select "save as." You can also select "copy" and then right-click on a word processing document and select "paste" so that you can resize and print the pattern.

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    Print the Pattern on Scrapbook Paper

    Printing the Pattern on Patterned Cardstock
    The Spruce / Rebecca Ludens

    To get started making torn paper flowers for scrapbook pages, print the free pattern on your favorite piece of cardstock or patterned paper. As you can see here, you can actually print the pattern on cardstock that has a very strong pattern. Be sure to print the pattern on the back of the paper that you want to use so that you can use the pattern lines as guidelines for tearing the paper without having to worry about completely tearing off the lines on the front of the blossoms. Here the strong pattern on the paper is on the back but the front is also a beautiful soft pattern that would work perfectly for flowers.

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    Tear Flowers From Patterned Paper

    Tearing the Flowers from a Pattern
    The Spruce / Rebecca Ludens

    Once you have printed the pattern on cardstock, you can begin carefully tearing the paper. Make small tears and use your thumb to help guide the tears a little at a time. Here you can see, that we have torn each flower individually and have taken our time to tear as close to the pattern lines as possible.

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    Tear Flowers From Patterned Paper

    Roll the Edges of Torn Paper Flowers
    The Spruce / Rebecca Ludens

    After you have torn the flowers out by following the free flower scrapbook pattern, you can then roll the edges up towards the center of the flower. Here you can decide just how rustic you want your flower to look. By just slightly rolling each edge you will have a flower that looks like the sample one shown here. If you desire a more shabby chic look, you can crumple or roll the flower edges even more.

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    Tear Flowers From Patterned Paper

    Inking Torn Paper Flowers
    The Spruce / Rebecca Ludens

    Once you have rolled the edges of each of the flowers, you will find that it is easy to ink those same edges in a complementary color of ink. For the sample flower, we have used a chalk ink pad from Quick Quotes called Powder Puffs Blue Moon.

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    Stack the Torn Flowers

    Stacked Torn Flowers with Button Center
    The Spruce / Rebecca Ludens

    You can layer the stacked torn flowers straight on as shown here, or you can rotate each layer a little as shown in the first example to create two different looks. This stacked flower has been finished off with a button. You could also use a large brad or gems (as shown in the original example flower).

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    Using the Torn Flowers on a Scrapbook Page

    Torn Paper Flowers for Scrapbooking around picture
    The Spruce / Rebecca Ludens

    This scrapbook page features two of the torn paper flowers which have been torn, inked, and stacked. The papers shown here are from Scrap Within Reach and The Cottage series of double-sided patterned papers.