12 Floral Wreath Cross-Stitch Patterns

Colorful cross-stitch flower wreath
Crossy Needle

What better way to get into the spring spirit than to stitch up a pretty floral wreath. These cross stitch patterns cover floral spring wreaths of all styles and skillsets. So what are you waiting for? Start stitching! First up: a bold and bright mid-century wreath.

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    Purple Pansy Wreath

    pansy wreath cross stitch pattern

    Janlynn is well known for its traditional cross stitch patterns. This pattern of purple pansies is a freebie that they offer on their website. In addition to this pattern, they have several others and various free projects for you to download. Most of the patterns are available in PDF form. 

    Purple Pansy Wreath from Janlynn

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    Beach Wreath

    Life is good at the beach cross stitch
    ABC Stitch Therapy

    Life is always good at the beach. The waves nipping at your toes, sand in your bathing suit, and the sun warming your bones. This cross stitch pattern mixes beach images along with a floral design for a sweet sampler that would look perfect in your beach house. You can find this pattern as well as other floral wreaths at ABC Stitch Therapy. 

    Beach Wreath, $16, ABC Stitch Therapy

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    Spring Floral Wreath

    Bright floral wreath
    Lydia Saxon / Handarbeitsfrau

    This bright floral wreath can be downloaded for free. You can stitch it as is or add a quote or monogram in the middle of the pattern. The colors are perfect for spring but if they are too bright, you can always change them.  

    Spring Floral Wreath from Lydia Saxon via Handarbeitsfrau

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    Let Your Freak Flag Fly

    Let your freak flag fly floral wreath cross stitch
    Stitchy Little Fox / Etsy

    Let your freak flag fly! You're weird! You're quirky! Be proud! This floral wreath with a fun quote is a perfect mix of traditional flowers with subversive statements. Stitchy Little Fox has several quotes with a floral design in their shop. Stitch up all of them for every aspect of your personality. 

    Let Your Freak Flag Fly, $4.50, Stitchy Little Fox

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    Peace Sign Floral Wreath

    Peace sign floral cross stitch
    Kirsten Schmidt / Flickr / All Rights Reserved

    Kirsten Schmidt shares many of her personal patterns on Flickr for free. This pattern is just one that you can download and stitch up. While these patterns are free for use, please be respectful of copyright issues and remember that it is for personal use only, not for sale. 

    Peace Sign Floral Wreath from Kristen Schmidt

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    All You Need Is Love

    All you need is love floral wreath
    Andwabisabi / Etsy

    In a world gone crazy, and you need a reminder that Love is All You Need, Andwabsabi has this pattern as well as other floral wreaths in her Etsy Shop. This project would be wonderful for newlyweds or newly engaged couples. 

    All You Need is Love Cross Stitch, $5, Andwabisabi

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    Beaded Floral Wreath

    Beaded floral cross stitch
    123 Cross Stitch

    If you are looking for a quick and unique project then try your stitchy hand at this Beaded Floral Wreath by Mill Hill. This project is done on perforated paper and includes beading for added effect. You can create several of these wreaths to decorate your spring Easter tree. 

    Beaded Floral Wreath, $8, 123 Cross Stitch

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    Take Care

    Take care cross stitch
    Plastic Little Covers / Etsy

    Plastic Little Covers wants to make sure that you Take Care of yourself. This wreath and quote would be beautiful in an office or a home. It would also be great for someone starting out on their own. This pattern, as well as subversive patterns, are available at their Etsy store. 

    Take Care Cross Stitch, $4.40, Plastic Little Covers

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    Lavender Wreath

    Lavender wreath cross stitch
    Crafting for the Holidays

    Crafting for the Holidays has this free lavender wreath pattern for you to stitch up. It is a great project for beginners or for a make-and-take craft night. Use the pattern as a sachet for lavender. You can hang it in your closet, car or anywhere that needs a little pick-me-up. 

    Lavender Wreath from Crafting for the Holidays

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    Bright Flower Wreath

    Flower wreath cross stitch
    Gentle Feather / Etsy

    Gentle Feather offers their floral wreath for sale in their Etsy Shop. This wreath can be stitched as is or you can add a monogram or quote in the middle. You can also use this pattern to make scented sachets. 

    Bright Flower Wreath, $3.99, Gentle Feather

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    Bright and Bold Wreath

    Floral wreath cross stitch
    Crossy Needle / Etsy

    This floral wreath showcases quirky colors and a little mid-century modern flair. It is a great updated take on the floral wreath. Crossy Needle has this pattern and several other floral designs in their Etsy Shop. If the colors shown here are not to your liking, you can always change them to fit your style and decor. 

    Flower Cross Stitch Pattern, $4, Crossy Needle

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    Tiny Floral Wreath

    Green and orange floral wreath cross stitch
    Animal Cross Stitch / Etsy

    Sometimes bigger is not always better. A perfect example of this is the Tiny Floral Wreath by Animal Cross Stitch. This pattern is stitched on a green fabric but you can use any color you wish to fit your decor. 

    Tiny Floral Wreath, $3.01, Animal Cross Stitch