20 Creative Ways to DIY Flip Flops

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    Transform a Pair of Ordinary Sandals

    Flip flops are an absolute summer essential, but the same basic pair can get tired day after beach day. Here are 20 different ideas on how to spice up your simple summer sandal. Try just a couple of these DIYs and you'll be dying to plan your next tropical getaway.

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    Sequin Paillette Flip Flops

    Metallic sequins make these flip flop redesigns festive enough for a night out. Break out the hot glue gun to affix satin ribbon to the straps, then sew on cascading shiny sequins. Vary your metallics to make these cuties really pop!

    Sequin Paillette Flip Flops from Trinkets in Bloom


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    Ruffled T-Strap Sandals

    Add a fabric T-Strap to the ubiquitous flip flop, then stitch a few ruffles over top. Use the cute circle ruffle in this tutorial, or experiment with other fun patterns.

    Ruffled T-Strap Sandals from Make It & Love It

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    Crochet Flip Flops

    Put your leftover yarn to use to spiff up a basic pair of flops. Crochet strips in a stripe pattern, then sew together covering the plastic straps. New to crochet? This project is a great, quick starting point!

    Crochet Flip Flops from Poppy & Bliss

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    Stretch Knit Sling Backs

    With just a few stitches and a bit of glue, you can create a stylish pair of sling back sandals that you'll want to rock all summer long. As a bonus, trading out flip flops' usual plastic band for a bit of festive stretch fabric makes for comfier footwear.

    Sling Back Flip Flops from Sew Caroline


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    Rope Tassel Flip Flops

    Ahoy, matey! Get maritime-ready with these nautical flip flops. Add rope embellishment and DIY-ed tassels to finish off the look, then you're ready to set sail.

    Rope Tassel Flip Flops from Made in a Day


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    Mod Podge Soled Flip Flops

    Put your fabric scraps to perfect use Mod Podge-ing the sides of the soles on a pair of platform sandals. Add a matching bow, and you have an easy no-sew restyle. Just leave this pair at home when you hit the pool–the glue won't hold up once wet.

    Mod Podge Soled Flip Flops from Dollar Store Crafts


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    Braided Strap Sandal

    This inexpensive DIY incorporates braided strips of stretch knit as the sandal straps. As another no-sew option, this pair can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. So cute, you'll want to make a pair in every color!

    Braided Strap Sandal from Make It & Love It

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    Back Strap Flip Flops

    While flip flops are an easy go-to for running around in the sun, they don't always stay put on active kids. Add an elastic heel strap to a pair of flops to keep them securely on your little one's feet where they belong. As a bonus, this tutorial uses handy snaps to make these straps interchangeable!

    Back Strap Flip Flop from Make It & Love It​


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    T-Shirt Sandal

    Etsy Journal

    Upcycle a tired tee into a pair of cross-top sandals using a flip flop bottom. Comfy, worn-in, jersey knit is easy on the feet, and doesn't require a hem, so this project is an easy no-sew that could be totally free–depending on what's in your closet.

    Make Your Own Sandals from Etsy Journal

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    DIY Ribbon Flip Flops

    Grab a couple of coordinating spools of ribbon and tie 6-inch pieces around the plastic straps for a festive look. Rock these to a sporting event in your favorite team's colors to show your ultimate fan dedication.

    Ribbon Flip Flops from The Classy Chapter


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    Eyelet Lace Flip Flop

    Be the best bridesmaid around! This embellished pair of flips is pretty enough to pack for the bride once her dancing feet get sore. Whip up a few pairs for the rest of the bridal party in cute colors while you're at it!

    Eyelet Lace Flip Flop from Trinkets in Bloom

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    DIY Spa Sandals

    Pamper yourself in style with these cozy spa sandals made from a washcloth and flip flop bottoms to truly treat yourself in the convenience of your own home.

    DIY Spa Sandals from Just in Five Minutes

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    Studded Flip Flops

    Channel your inner rockstar with these fierce summer kicks. Wrap the plastic straps in ribbon, then use hot glue to add spiked studs or other edgy bling.

    Studded Flip Flops from Karen Kavett

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    Hand Painted Flip Flops

    Get artsy with paint markers to decorate the soles and straps of otherwise unnoticeable sandals. This is a great option for kids–no sewing needles or hot glue necessary. If you like this craft you may also want to try learning how to paint your other shoes!

    Hand Painted Flip Flops from This Talk Ain't Cheap

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    Cloth Bow Sandals


    Cover old soles with patterned fabric, then tie a bow across the tops of your feet to create a retro-reminiscent backless slide sandal. These make the perfect accessory to that summer dress you've been dying to break out.

    DIY Sandals from Flip-Flops from Bluprint

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    Color Blocked Platforms

    Stack a few bright soles with heavy duty glue to add both height and color to your summertime flops. Be sure to use a plastic-safe adhesive, though, to avoid disintegrating your platform.

    Color Blocked Platforms from Mark Montano

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    Fabric Soled Flip Flops

    Select a cotton knit in a tight pattern–to avoid noticeable seams–then Mod Podge your cloth to the tops of the flip flop soles. These cuties give a happy little peek of pattern under each foot when worn.

    Fabric Soled Flip Flops from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Cork and Yarn Sandal

    Flip flops work only as a template in this DIY–you're making an entire sandal from scratch! Use cork tile for the soles, then poke braided yarn through for tie-on straps and a very Bohemian vibe.

    Cork and Yarn Sandal from Sew Historically

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    Knitted Flip Flop

    This project offers a detailed pattern to create a completely knitted triangular flip flop top. The finished product looks both professional and cozy. Looking to break into knitting? Start right here.

    Knitted Flip Flop from Crafts from the Cwtch

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    Floral Flip Flops

    Embellish a basic pair of flip flops with silk flowers and foliage. The options are endless on this one–select pastel florals for a sweet pair or grab bright blooms to bump up an outfit.

    Floral Flip Flops from This Mama Loves