Flat Odd Count Peyote Stitch Tutorial

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    Starting Odd Count Peyote Stitch

    Threading a bead

    On a comfortable (no longer than 5 feet) length of thread, string a stop bead.

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    String the First Two Rows

    Stringing two rows of beads

    Pick up 11 seed beads and push them down against the stop bead. Pick up a bead, skip the last bead strung, and pass through the next seed bead. (Third bead from the needle.)

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    Stitch the First Three Rows

    Stitching three rows of beads

    Continue to stitch in this manner, picking up a bead, skipping a bead, and passing through the next bead, until you have one bead left on the row. (Don’t count the stop bead.)

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    Make the First Turn to Stitch the Fourth Row

    Stringing the fourth row of beads

    Pick up a bead. Pass through the last bead left on the row going back towards the beginning of the row. Remove the stop bead. You are now in a position to add the next bead.

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    Stitch the Next Two Rows

    Stitching beads

    Pick up a bead and pass through the first bead jutting out from the previous row. You may have to hold on to the working thread to make sure that the beads do not loosen or come apart. Continue to work in this manner, adding beads to fill in the spaces until you come to the end of the row. Make the turn and add another row.

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    Make a Different Type of Turn

    Making a turn when beading

    At the end of this row, you will need to make a different type of turn. This will happen every other row when you are working in Odd Count Flay Peyote Stitch. To make this turn: Pick up one bead and pass through the last bead on the edge going back towards the beginning of the row and pull snugly.

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    Weave Through the Beadwork

    Weaving through the beadwork

    Pass needle and thread through the next bead of the previous row.

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    Weave Through the Beadwork

    Weave through the beadwork

    Pass needle and thread up through the bead directly next to the one you just came out of.

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    Finish the Turn and Get Into Position to Add the Next Bead

    Finish a turn beading

    Come back through the bead that you strung at the beginning of the turn. You are now in position to add the next bead and continue stitching until the piece of beadwork is the desired size. You can also use the alternate turn for Flat Odd Count Peyote.