Flat Ndebele or Herringbone Stitch Tutorial with Ladder Stitch

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    Make a Ladder Using Ladder Stitch

    Jennifer Vanbenschoten

    Make a ladder of beads using ladder stitch that has an even number of beads. Go back and reinforce the ladder before beginning. (The one in my photographs has 10 beads.)

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    Make the First Stitch

    Jennifer Vanbenschoten
    Pick up 2 beads. Skip a bead in the ladder, and then pass needle and thread back down through the next bead.
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    Secure the First Two Beads

    Jennifer Vanbenschoten
    Pass needle and thread back up through the bottom of the next bead in the ladder and pull snugly.
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    Finish the Row and Make the Turn

    Jennifer Vanbenschoten
    Continue to add beads in this manner until you get to the end of the row. When you reach the last pair of beads, instead of taking needle and thread down through the last bead of the ladder, take needle and thread through the connecting thread between the last two beads of the ladder.
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    Get into Position for the Third Row

    Jennifer Vanbenschoten
    Pass needle and thread back up through the last bead strung. You are now in position to begin the third row.
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    Work until the Beadwork is the Desired Size

    Jennifer Vanbenschoten
    When stitching the remaining rows, take needle and thread down only through the beads of the previous row.