9 Sets of Free First Day of School Signs

Back to School Signs for Preschool Through College

Girl on first day of school
Denise Balyoz Photography / Getty Images

The first day of school is a special one, and these first day of school signs are excellent photo props to help you mark the occasion.

You'll want to simply print off the first day of school sign for the grade your child is entering on either plain paper or cardstock. Have the child hold the sign, give you a smile, and then you can take the picture.

Illustration of two kids holding back to school sign
The Spruce / Kelly Miller

Not only are these signs adorable, years from now you'll be able to instantly see when it was taken without having to struggle to find the date or make a guess on their age. You will have an instant keepsake for the special first day of school that you can cherish for years to come.


These signs can be framed, taped to a popsicle stick, or just held by the child for the photo.