Fingerprint Art

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    Fingerprint Art Character Examples

    Fingerprint Characters
    Getty Images: David Malan

    If you read our article about making fingerprint art and fancy having a go at turning your fingerprints into funny little characters then the image above should provide you with some inspiration to get started. Fingerprint art is a great way to make some extra use from your rubber stamping ink pads, however it is best to check that they ink is washable otherwise you may end up with a brightly colored fingertip for a while! For more information about making fingerprint art see this tutorial - Finger Print Art Tutorial.

    How to Use Your Fingerprint Characters

    There are many ways to use your fingerprint characters and one of the best is to use them to make handmade cards. If you have some rubber stamps with sentiments then they will help you create quick and easy handmade greeting cards, yet cards which are still packed full of character. Simply add your fingerprint character to a greeting card blank and stamp a sentiment on the card to finish that best reflects that occasion of the card. You can also use the fingerprint characters to decorate gift bags, gift tags, scrapbook pages and much more!

    These are great projects for children and you can purchase special ink pads which contain ink that is washable and marketed as being safe for use by children. These can be purchased in craft stores or online..

    See the following pages for more fingerprint art ideas!

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    Fingerprint Art Characters

    Kate Pullen


    Fingerprint Art Character Examples

    The image above shows some different fingerprint art characters which demonstrates how a few fingerprints and a little doodling can create a range of different characters. The characters above have been created as follows:

    • Bees (main picture) - these bees were created by making fingerprints in a yellow ink. The bees features were then drawn onto the fingerprint using a marker pen. Tip: make the fingerprints so that they are horizontal along the page rather than vertical, to reflect the shape of a bee's body.
    • Caterpillar - this caterpillar is fun to make. Simply dab a few fingerprints in a line to create the caterpillar's body. Try using your little finger to make smaller prints nearer the caterpillar's tail. Once the body of the caterpillar is complete, add the features including legs, eyes and antennae - and any other features you would like your caterpillar to have.
    • Snail - this snail is easy to draw. Simply make a fingerprint on the page and then draw a spiral for his shell and then draw his face and tail. You could adapt this to make tortoise and turtles too.
    • Pig - this pig was created from two fingerprints. The first was a large print for his body and the second was a smaller fingerprint for his head.
    • Fish - the fist at the bottom left of the image was drawn in a similar way to the bees, with the image being horizontal. The fins were then drawn onto the fish, along with his facial features. We added some bubbles to give him a little more character.
    • Spider - the body of this spider is more round then a normal fingerprint. To make this shape try tilting your finger so that just the tip makes a print - this will be difficult if you have long nails!
    • Monster - monster's are great fun to make and no-one can tell you that your monster isn't realistic! Try doodling onto uneven and misshapen fingerprints and see what sort of monster comes out of your doodles.
    • Hamster - this hamster (or hamster-like creature) was created from two fingerprints. He is part of a series of animals that we created with fingerprints which were decorated with a few doodles.
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    Funny Fingerprint Characters

    Getty Images: Cyndi Monaghan

     Just a rubber stamping ink pad, a pencil for doodling and a willing set of fingers are all that is required to tell a cute little story. This would make an adorable greeting card.

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    Fingerprint Art for Families

    Getty Images: Jessica Gwozdz

     Fingerprint art is a fun project for children, however, it's also a great project for families to do together. A family tree made of fingerprints is also a lovely keepsake gift. Try using different colored inks and paint to create your fingerprint characters.

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    Tips for Making Fingerprint Art

    Fingerprint birds

     Remember that less is more when it comes to certain arts and crafts. This cute fingerprint couple of birds is a great example. The simplicity of these design means they would be perfect for wedding invitations or other occasions when a simple yet elegant design is required.