Where to Find Sewing Supplies at Bargain Prices

Everyone loves finding bargains, and those of us who sew are no exception. Check out these tips and pointers on where you can get the best deal the next time you need supplies for whatever projects you're working on.

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    Sewing Machines and Presser Feet

    Measuring to figure out if you have a short or long shank

    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove

    It may very well be that you have no space for another sewing machine, or you don't know if the machine even works, but look a little deeper. Does that machine have presser feet with it? Do you have all of the feet that are there? Is it the correct shank for the sewing machine you use all the time? Once you know what you need for your sewing machine you can start looking at different places to find what you need.

    One option is to shop at Goodwill. Goodwill Industries has an extensive selection of sewing machines online; many antiques are also available under "Crafts and Hobbies".

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    Fabric seen from two directions looks completley different

    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove

    Many yard sales will have curtains and table clothes in piles. Just because that "fabric has been "earmarked" as a curtain or tablecloth does not mean it has to spend the rest of its useful life as such. Think of it as a good-sized piece of fabric, that may very well have been preshrunk already, so you can visualize that "fabric" as a dress, skirt, chair cushion cover or anything you can imagine.

    Don't be surprised if you find boxes full of fabric at bargain prices too. Many times when homes are cleaned out, no one in the family wants the fabric that "grandma" treasured because no one else sews. You sew and you can find something to do with that fabric.

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    Zippers and Buttons

    a trouser zipper and hook and eye

    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove

    Second-hand stores are a great place to find a color zipper that you can't find anywhere else and a great place to find long zippers that would cost you a fortune. All it takes to make them usable for your project is removing them with a seam ripper. Many times you can buy an entire blouse for less than it would cost you to buy the buttons. Consider button shopping at thrift stores for variety and saving on your costs.

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    Sewing Tools

    sewing box filled with sewing tools

    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove

    It is almost impossible to pass up stopping at yard sales, especially ones that are "estate" or "downsizing" sales. Many times you will find old sewing boxes with a wealth of tools and notions inside them. Some of the tools may not even be a "sewing tool" but many of us have unusual sewing tools. Finding a sewing box at a thrift store or yard sale is like finding a treasure chest.

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    Sewing Patterns

    Preserve Sewing Pattern Pieces

    The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove

    Vintage patterns are so popular that pattern companies routinely bring back patterns from the past. Yard and tag sales are great places to find vintage patterns. It's not unusual for boxes of patterns to be found. Even if facing pieces are missing, you can make a facing pattern piece. You may even find your favorite pattern that you lost years ago.

    This time, preserve the pattern and you'll have it forever. Compare the price of new patterns and the bargain you are finding to decide if it's something you want to haul home. You can always donate the patterns if you aren't going to use them.