8 Ideas for Making DIY Clear Christmas Ornaments

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You do not need to be a do-it-yourself diva to be able to rework clear glass or plastic ornaments into something you relish for your Christmas tree. The key to an ornament makeover is to make it one of a kind. All you need is a plain, clear ball ornament as your starting point.

Also, if working with young children, you might opt for plastic balls instead of glass. Some plastic models can open in half, similar to plastic Easter eggs, which can be easier to work with depending on your project. Also, if you want to break out from the glass ball idea, similar options include fillable flat discs and Christmas tree light bulbs with screwtops at the filling point. They also come with ornament hangers and are fun to make your own.

Traditional filler ideas include photos, candy, pom poms, and glitter. For a more inventive spin, think about adding plants, yarn, and sequins. You can personalize unique ornament in minutes, making a lovely, customized gift.


Plastic bulbs are less expensive than glass; you can find them for less than $1, while glass will cost you two to three times as much.

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    Grow a Little Plant Inside

    how to DIY clear glass ornaments
    Feminine Modern

    Crafting a mini terrarium like this project from Feminine Modern with clear glass ornaments is easier than you think. You can use mini air plants, or if you do not want to drive out to a plant nursery, you can add sticks and evergreen branches for a simple, festive look. No green thumb is required.

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    Turn Glitter Into a Galaxy

    How to fill clear glass ornaments -- ornament galaxy

    "The Starry Night" is not only Van Gogh's masterpiece but is now yours in an ornament. This project from DecoArt is a fantastic idea; you might think only artists can do it, but honestly, you cannot go wrong. All you need is a mini funnel, glitter, and acrylic paint. Add your personal touch with painted-on stars. Scatter them randomly and change up the sizes of the stars.

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    Perch Some Love Birds on a Branch

    Creative ways to fill clear glass ornaments

    Delia Creates

    This display of perched snowbirds from Delia Creates is inspired by a ship in a bottle. You can create any scene inside your ornament. First, map out the idea you want to create outside ​of your ornament. If you are using a top-filling ornament ball, you will need a set of long tweezers and tacky glue to drop your elements into place carefully.

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    Brush on Some Gold Leaf

    How to gold leaf clear glass ornaments
    The Sweetest Occasion

    To decorate a Christmas tree with the expertise of an interior designer, make ornaments that work within a color scheme. This idea from Cyd Converse, blog founder from The Sweetest Occasion, uses similar paint and gold leaf hues to create cohesion among these lavish ornaments. To turn it up a notch, adorn the ornaments with gold beading and garland.

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    Add a Name for a Personalized Touch

    How to fill and customize clear glass ornaments

    This idea from Pizzazzerie is perfect for families with children. You can easily make a sleek, personalized golden ornament using alphabet stickers from your local craft store. If golden lettering feels too mature, you can get lettering in different colors, but be sure you match the color of the filling to the letters. Other than glitter, other fillers that dazzle include confetti, pom poms, and glass beads.

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    Gather All Your Excess Ribbon

    Filling clear glass ornaments with ribbon
    The Happy Housie

    If you are on a budget and short on time, this idea from The Happy Housie helps you create many ornaments in minutes. Gather ribbons of various widths and textures, but try to keep them within a similar color family. Choose two or three colors for the best results. If you want to cover your entire tree with ribbon ornaments, use different-sized glass ornaments for this project.

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    Speckle on Some Sequins

    How to fill clear glass ornaments with sequins
    Fox Hollow Cottage

    Add sparkle to your holiday decor by filling clear ornaments with sequins like this idea from Fox Hollow Cottage. The finished product may look like you meticulously lined the sequins inside, but it is much simpler than that. You coat the inside of the glass ornament with floor wax, remove the excess, pour in the sequins, plug the opening with your thumb, then shake.

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    Express Yourself With Ornament Emojis

    How to fill clear glass ornaments to make emojis

    Who Said Nothing in Life is Free?

    These emoji ornaments from Who Said Nothing in Life Is Free? will resonate with your kids and are fun to make. You can either fill them with glitter or coat the inside with yellow paint. In this example, the emoji expressions were made using a Silhouette machine. You can also hand-paint the faces using a stencil.

    If emojis are not your thing, use green glitter and make the Grinch, try red glitter and make Santa Claus, or make reindeer using brown glitter.