Filet Crochet Table Runner Free Chart Pattern

Daffodil Filet Crochet Chart Free Pattern

The Spruce / Sandi Marshall.

This is a rectangular filet crochet chart pattern designed for use as a table runner but adaptable to different sizes. The design is a daffodil plant with three flowers coming off of the stem. There are two of these plants in the rectangle, placed back-to-back (so that one is upside down if the runner is vertical). This is a beautiful home decor item, particularly for spring. It can be worked in cream-colored or white thread to replicate the vintage design or in bolder colors for a more modern look.

History of Filet Crochet Pattern

The chart for this table runner was designed by a male crochet designer, Hugo Kirchmaier, in the year 1919. When scanned, some of the lines on the original chart were light, making the 1919 chart challenging to follow. For that reason, Sandi Marshall re-charted it to offer a better quality chart to work from, which is the chart that is included in this article.

Note: This vintage filet crochet chart was originally published in Book of Filet Crochet and Cross Stitch, Book No. 6, published by Cora Kirchmaier in the year 1919, now copyright-expired, fallen into the public domain. There was no image of a finished piece in that book.

Sizing and Materials

Below you'll find approximate finished sizes for making the table runner with sizes 5 through 30 crochet thread. This allows you to plan the size of the thread you'll use according to the measurements of the area where you plan to display the table runner.

Finished Sizes

These are the approximate finished sizes in filet crochet (worked in 4 dc mesh): 

  • With size 5 thread (3294 yards) and a size US 4 steel hook, finished size is about 27.4 inches x 82.4 inches. 
  • With size 10 thread (2934 yards) and a size US 7 steel hook, finished size is about 22.8 inches x 65 inches. 
  • With size 20 thread (2754 yards) and a size US 9 steel hook, finished size is about 21.8 inches x 62.4 inches. 
  • With size 30 thread (2574 yards) and a size US 11 steel hook, finished size is about 20.8 inches x 59.8 inches. 


  • With size 5 thread 5 squares = 1.4 inches, 5 rows = 1.6 inches 
  • With size 10 thread 5 squares = 1.2 inches, 5 rows = 1.3 inches 
  • With size 20 thread 5 squares = 1.1 inches, 5 rows = 1.2 inches 
  • With size 30 thread 5 squares = 1 inch, 5 rows = 1.1 inches

For a door panel: Width can be altered by adding open meshes on inside of border to size needed for width of door panel.

Note: Alternatively, you could use thicker yarn and a large crochet hook to work this pattern, creating a large swatch of fabric that may be big enough to serve as a beautiful blanket!

Working the Chart in Filet Crochet 

For a 4 dc mesh, starting chain is 298, plus chain 3, (which will count as the first dc of the first row). Begin by working double crochet in the 5th chain from the hook. Follow chart for placement of solid mesh and open mesh for each row. 

The chart is worked starting at the bottom right; work first row right to left. The second row is worked left to right. Continue alternating row directions in this same manner, following chart. The top and bottom half of the rectangle are mirror images of each other. You can work with just half the image and then repeat from top to bottom to complete the design.