11 Creative Dinosaur Crafts to Make

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    Fun and Creative Dinosaur Crafts

    Pink dinosaur illustration
    Kate Pullen

    Here's a round-up of rip-roaring dinosaur craft projects that dinosaur fans love! Recreate your own Jurassic scene with dinosaur home decorations, toys, and fashion accessories.

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    Make a Feathered Velociraptor

    feathered velociraptor
    Lesley Shepherd

    Make a feathered velociraptor and compare your finished masterpiece with the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

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    Make Dinosaur Magnets

    dinosaur (and other animal) magnets
    Sugar and Cloth

    Here's another way to transform a plastic dinosaur toy. These pretty magnets are so easy to make and are a fun alternative to boring old fridge magnets.

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    DIY Dinosaur Candle Holder

    Dinosaur Candle Holder
    Hank and Hunt for the Sweetest Occasion

    Make a whole herd of dinosaur candle holders for a party or dinosaur themed decorations. Again, these use plastic dino toys as the base.

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    Make Dinosaur Jewelry Holders

    dinosaur jewelry holders
    My So Called Crafty Life

    Here's another great way to upcycle a cheap dinosaur toy. In this project, you will use your plastic toy base to create a useful jewelry holder.

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    Make Dinosaur Heel Shoes

    dinosaur high heels
    Mikeasaurus / Instructables

    This is one for fashionistas with a penchant for prehistoric style. Give a pair of high heel shoes a makeover with the clever addition of a dinosaur.

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    Foldasaurus - Folded Paper Toy Dinosaur

    DIY folded paper dinosaur toy
    Luke 'Glood' / Nice Paper Toys

    Download the free printable PDF and create your own cute little foldasaurus dinosaur toy. You will find this printable paper toy on the Nice Paper Toy website.

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    Pop-Up Dinosaur Card

    T Rex dinosaur pop up card
    Creative Pop Up Cards

    This video tutorial shows how to make a cool dinosaur pop-up card. 

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    Make a Stuffed Toy Dinosaur

    soft stuffed toy dinosaur
    Woolly Petals

    This detailed tutorial shows how to make a cute dinosaur stuffed toy. You'll even find a free PDF template to make things super simple.

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    Make a Fondant Icing Stegosaurus

    fondant icing stegosaurus dinosaur

    This little stegosaurus is made from fondant icing, however, you could also use the same instructions to recreate this dinosaur using polymer clay.

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    Tiny Kawaii Dinosaur Video Tutorial

    Tiny Kawaii Dinosaur Tutorial
    Miss Clay Creations

    This video tutorial walks us through how to make this tiny little dinosaur packed full of kawaii character. If Iyou were to be transported back to prehistoric times, this is the dinosaur you wouldn't mind bumping into.

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    Free Dinosaur Crochet Pattern

    crocheted dinosaur
    Drops Design

    Create your own little dinosaur toys with this free crochet pattern.

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