What Is Fiber Reactive Dye?

Natural indigo tie dye fabric

 usssajaeree / Getty Images 

Fiber reactive dye is a dye that can react directly with the fabric. That means that a chemical reaction happens between the dye and the molecules of the fabric, effectively making the dye a part of the fabric. This is why fiber reactive dye is permanent; clothes dyed with fiber reactive dye can withstand many washings and still retain the same vibrant color.

What Do I Use Fiber Reactive Dye With?

Fiber reactive dye works best with cellulose (plant) fibers such as cotton, linen, and rayon. It also works well on silk. Tie dye kits contain fiber reactive dye, and so does cold water dip dye available in packets at most grocers.

Since this is a cold water dye, it is some of the easiest dye to work with. This is one reason that tie-dye is a great project to do with kids or a casual gathering of friends.