Knitting Paradise: A Pleasant Online Forum for Knitters

The Place to Go With All Your Knitting Questions

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Knitting is a solitary craft, one that you do on your own and often at home at your leisure. Unless you attend local knitting circles, it can be difficult to find other knitters to share with and discuss your yarn triumphs and struggles.

Luckily, the internet has changed all of this and there are several active knitting communities online where you can discuss every aspect of a life filled with yarn. While you may be most familiar with websites like Ravelry, there is another little forum that you will also want to visit. The website is called Knitting Paradise and it is a very basic message board where knitters from all over-communicate.

What Is It?

The forum was founded in 2011 by a now husband and wife team and it has more than 90,000 registered users. It's pretty bare-bones, but apparently, droves of knitters like it that way.

Knitting Paradise doesn't have all the bells and whistles of most websites today. It's a very basic design and extremely simple to navigate. It does have some nice features, including a digest that emails you daily with the latest discussion topics. You can, of course, change the frequency of the emails, but seeing what other knitters are doing regularly is a nice way to inspire your projects.

The membership for Knitting Paradise is free and you do not even have to register an account to receive the digest emails.

What Knitters Can Get out of the Forum

Knitting Paradise is, quite simply, a community forum for knitters. While crochet is not off-limits, knitwear does dominate the discussion. Knitters of all experience and skill levels are sure to get a lot out of this focused discussion board as there are no patterns, ads, or other distractions. It's simply knitters helping other knitters.

Many of the discussions on Knitting Paradise look for feedback from the community. If you're struggling with something like choosing yarn colors for a new project, ask others what they think. Post a photo of your skeins and wait for opinions. You will receive quite a few answers within a day and many of those will come in within the first few hours.

Does a pattern have you stuck? Ask the forum and some experienced knitter is sure to help you work out the problem.

You will also find knitters sharing opinions on yarn and yarn stores, you may find a few insights into a great deal that will beef up your yarn stash, and be able to see finished projects created by other users. Though the website itself is very bare-bones, the activity in the community is surprising.

A Pleasant Online Knitting Community

Everyone seems to be very encouraging on Knitting Paradise. It's a fabulous place to receive honest but generally pleasant comments about your projects and concerns. There's also no need to feel like your question is a dumb one. The community is very supportive of beginners and there's always someone to help you work through the most basic issues.

Knitting Paradise has an atmosphere that promotes love for all things yarn. If you're ready to find a group as passionate about knitting as you are, this is a website you'll certainly want to check out.