15 Luxurious Faux Fur DIYs

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    DIY Faux Fur Projects to Try

    faux fur pillow DIY
    The DIY Mommy

    Some people don't like anything faux. In the case of fur, the less real, the better. Not only is the imitation fabric easier to work with, it's less expensive and cruelty-free. Most DIY faux fur projects involving clothing and accessories are strictly reserved for cooler weather. But there are also a ton of cool ways to incorporate faux fur into your space all year long. 

    We've collected some of the most popular faux fur DIYs, including some crafty ideas for this holiday season. 

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    Cozy Up an Office Chair

    Faux fur DIY office chair
    The Key Item

    The first DIY project is perhaps one of the most replicated. Adding faux fur to any type of chair is a smart move, whether that be an office chair, accent chair or even some dining room chairs. The project can be simple, like wrapping a faux fur blanket around a chair. Or the project can be complex by sewing together chair covers using a pattern. 

    Despite there being an overabundance of Ikea hacks on the internet, this DIY project variation is worth checking out. The elegant and streamless addition of some white faux fur adds an element of luxury to an otherwise basic Ikea chair. 

    Boring Chair Ikea Hack from The Key Item

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    One DIY Project, Two Ways to Wear it

    How to make a removable faux fur collar
    Cotton and Curls

    However much you might loathe fur jackets, a faux fur collar can really upgrade a basic trench coat. The great thing about this project is the versatility. Creating a pattern for a faux fur collar is one thing, but being savvy enough so that the collar can also be used as a scarf—that's ingenuity. 

    Fur Collar and Fur Scarf Tutorial from Cotton and Curls

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    Make an Ottoman More Luxurious

    How to make a diy faux fur ottoman
    Classy Clutter

    Ottomans are best when they are soft and, in this case, fuzzy. This transitional piece makes a comfortable seat but would also work just fine as an end table: simply add a tray on top to place cups or accessories.

    As an added style tip, notice how all the surrounding furniture is brightly colored. If you want to incorporate a white faux fur accent piece into your home, make sure all your other furnishings aren't also white. Also, don't feel like you have to have multiple pieces of faux fur furniture in a room. One well-made piece is plenty to get the look.

    DIY Faux Fur Ottoman Tutorial from Classy Clutter

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    Enhance Your Winter Boots With These Boot Covers

    DIY Faux Boot covers
    Sew DIY

    This DIY is reserved for those who like to wear faux fur in imaginative ways. Fur boot covers used to be common decades ago when shoes were thin and lacked a lot of substance. Nowadays, a good boot can keep your legs warm, but adding this leg warmer makes them look that much more stylish. 

    DIY Fur Boot Cover Tutorial from Sew DIY

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    Create a Few Faux Fur Accent Pillows

    How to make a faux fur accent pillow case
    The DIY Mommy

    Throw pillows are one of the fastest ways to completely change up the look of a room. Likewise, a smart way to incorporate faux fur into your everyday decor is through some strategically placed throw pillows. Mix in one or two with other pillows that have more feminine fabrics. 

    How to Sew a Faux Fur Pillow Cover from The DIY Mommy

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    Spruce Up Your Accessories Using Faux Fur Pom Poms

    How to make a faux fur pom pom
    Gina Michele

    Learning how to make some faux fur pom poms is a great skill to acquire if you love crafting in general. Here, a larger pom pom is added to the top of a hat for added interest. Faux fur pom poms can also be used to embellish scarves, blankets and gloves. Need an inexpensive gift idea for someone who loves faux fur? Make them a pom pom keychain or hair tie. 

    How to Make Faux Fur Pom Poms from Gina Michele

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    Cut Out a Faux Fur Throw for Over a Chair

    How to make a faux fur throw
    Francoise et Moi

    This is one of the easier DIY projects on this list to attempt. Find a piece of faux fur fabric that you like and cut it to size. When creating a swag, you want it to be the right size. Anything too big will overwhelm the chair and anything too small will look out of place. 

    DIY Faux Hair Hide Swag from Francoise et Moi

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    Learn How to Make This Faux Fur Shawl

    How to Make a Faux Fur Shawl
    Riva La Diva

    Shawls are made in a similar way as a throw or swag but without the uneven and asymmetrical shape. The larger the shawl, the cozier it will be to wear. Also, if you make the shawl large enough, it can be incorporated into your home decor when it's not in use. Toss it on a chair, ottoman or drape it on your couch. 

    Faux Fur Shawl Tutorial from Riva La Diva

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    Transform This Mini Foot Stool

    How to transform a mini stool using faux fur
    A Beautiful Mess

    As you saw in a previous project, most faux fur decor projects use white fur that is mixed in with other brightly-colored, modern furnishings. This little footstool is an easy way to incorporate the rich feel of fur into your living room without it overpowering the space. 

    Make a Faux Fur Footstool from A Beautiful Mess

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    Infuse Some Boho Onto Your Walls Using Faux Fur

    How to make faux fur wall hangings
    A Joyful Riot

    Want to challenge yourself to think outside the box? This project will bring out your creative juices and help you add a bit of bohemian flair to your living space. Make sure you really go out of your comfort zone with this one and get artistic with it. Otherwise, this might end up looking like a childhood craft project. 

    DIY Faux Fux Wall Hangings from A Joyful Riot

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    DIY This Faux Fur Rug for a Little Girl's Room

    Faux fur rug DIY tutorial
    Three Bean Circus

    There's something about pink girl bedrooms and faux fur that look so darling together. Adding a fluffy area rug (that you can create yourself) is the perfect project to make a child's room feel more princess-like.

    If you need any more motivation on this one, imagine how much the little girls in this room will enjoy having tea parties on the rug. Or as babies, imagine them enjoying some comforting tummy time. 

    Faux Fur Rug DIY from Three Bean Circus

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    Decorate for the Holidays Using Faux Fur Baubles

    Make a Faux Fur wreath for the Holidays
    The Painted Hive

    The next few projects are dedicated to the holiday season. Some of them you may even get away with leaving out all winter long. This wreath is deceivingly simple and can be customized using varying widths and colors of ribbon. Basically, you take some old unused ornaments or anything else that is round and wrap some faux fur around them. The upcycled balls are then glued onto the wreath.

    The more variance in the size, the more refined the wreath will look. Just be sure to focus the larger baubles toward the middle and outer ring and use smaller baubles on the inner ring. Placement is going to make a huge difference here, so pay attention. 

    Easy DIY Bauble Wreath from The Painted Hive

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    Wrap Some Letters in Faux Fur

    DIY Fur Letters
    Place of My Taste

    Have you ever seen those large, plain letters in the craft store and wondered what the heck you could do with them? Use faux fur as one of your accent materials and wrap the letters up. Create vignettes using different holiday-inspired words. Here we see joy, but other words to try include merry, believe, hope or peace

    DIY Fur Letters from Place of My Taste

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    Grab a Cone and Make a Mini Fur Tree

    How to make a faux fur tree
    My Sister's Suitcase

    If you're thinking of adding some faux fur to your holiday decor, consider also adding some flannel to the mix. Both materials work well together and make us feel cozy and warm, which is what the holidays are all about. This tree may look expensive, but all it takes is a plastic cone, some faux fur fabric and some glue. 

    Make a Faux Fur Tree from Tatertots and Jello

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    Use This Pattern to Sew Faux Fur Stockings

    How to make faux fur and flannel stockings
    The Girl Inspired

    For faux fur stocking tutorials, you want to make sure the entire stocking isn't made from fur. Instead, choose to either make the inside or outside with fur. Mix and match varying colors and other patterned fabric like you see here. 

    Fur and Flannel Stockings Pattern from The Girl Inspired