Free Crochet Pattern for a Fancy Fur Scarf

Fun Fur Accessories

Klaus Vedfelt, Digital Vision, Getty Images 

Have you ever picked up the fun fur in the yarn aisle at your local store and then put it back because you didn't know what you would crochet with it? You're not alone. Many people are intimidated by crocheting with fun fur. However, it's much easier than you might think. This free crochet scarf pattern shows you how to use fun fur to make a trendy, fun-to-wear scarf. You just might find that this is your go-to accessory.

Skill Level

This is a double crochet scarf so if you know that stitch then you should be fine. It might take a moment to get used to working with this unique type of yarn. However, using a large crochet hook, you should be fine even if you're a beginner.


You can use this basic crochet scarf pattern with any yarn and crochet hook that you want. Of course, you have to work with fun fur yarn to get the effect intended by the designer.


You can use any fun fur yarn or eyelash yarn that you like. The designer worked with Lion Brand Fancy Fur in a color called "stained glass black." The main color of the yarn is black, but there are also accents of bright purple turquoise, and blue. It's a great choice of yarn for a fancy scarf. You will need 2-3 balls of this yarn.

Crochet Hook

Size P / 11.5 mm, or size needed to obtain gauge show below

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern

V-Stitch Definition:

The primary stitch used here is a variation of the V-stitch. It is based on the crochet V-stitch in brick repeat.

Therefore, in this crochet pattern, a V-stitch is defined in the following way:

  • Work one double crochet stitch,
  • Work one chain stitch
  • Work one more double crochet stitch.
  • (In row 1, all 3 of these stitches will be worked in the same chain. In rows 2 and up, they will all be worked in the same chain space.)

Crochet Scarf Size

You can make a crochet scarf in almost any size, so don't worry if yours doesn't quite match the information below.

Finished Size of the Scarf

Worked as intended, this fun fur crochet scarf measures 32 inches long by 8 inches wide.


The first 6 rows of the scarf = 8 inches square.

What Happens if Your Gauge Is Different?

If your first 6 rows are wider than 8 inches, then you will probably need more than 2 balls of Fancy Fur to crochet a scarf of wearable length for an adult. Other than that, nothing particularly tragic will happen if your gauge is slightly different than this. If your scarf ends up being wider, it will probably look really luxurious, assuming you bought enough yarn to complete it. If your scarf turns out to be narrower, it will still look chic and sophisticated. Many crocheted scarves are signficantly narrower than this one is, so it will not be a problem if yours turns out narrower. All this holds true as long as your gauge isn't way off. After you crochet the first 6 rows, evaluate the scarf; as long as you're satisfied with the width and you have enough yarn to reach the desired length, all will be well.

Fun Fur Crochet Scarf Free Pattern

Design Note: The turning chains always count as 1 dc.

  • Ch 17.
  • Row 1: The first 3 chs count as 1 dc. Dc in 4th ch from hook, (ch 1, skip next 3 chs, work a V-stitch in 4th chain.) Repeat sequence inside parentheses 1 more time. Ch 1, skip next 3 chs, work 1 dc in each of the last 2 sts.
  • Row 2: ch 2, turn. Dc in next dc, ch 1, work a V-stitch in the next space, (ch 1, skip the next V-stitch, work a V-stitch in the following space.) Repeat sequence inside parentheses 1 more time. Ch 1, dc in next dc, dc in last dc.
  • Row 3: ch 2, turn. Dc in next dc, (ch 1, skip next V-stitch, work a V-stitch in the following space.) Repeat sequence inside parentheses 1 more time. Ch 1, skip the last V-stitch, dc in next dc, dc in last dc.
  • Rows 4 and Up: Repeat rows 2 and 3 again as many times as necessary to make the scarf as long as you want it to be.

Finishing the Scarf

End off. Weave in loose ends. Blocking is not necessary.