15 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids and Adults

DIY leaf wall art

The Design Twins 

There are easy fall crafts designed for kids, and then there are more complex fall crafts that appeal to adults. The following fall crafts are for a variety of skill levels and involve several different styles and techniques, such as embroidery and soap-making. Many of these crafts have some type of utility, including as a piece of home decor or a thoughtful homemade gift.

If you're ready to make something seasonal, here are 15 fall craft ideas to inspire you.

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    'Hello Fall' Vinyl Decal

    DIY fall pumpkin craft

    Lia Griffith 

    Vinyl decals are perfect for a quick and easy craft with a professional-looking payoff. You can make your own decals, or you can just buy the vinyl and print free designs from the internet. These fall decals from Lia Griffith work well on pumpkins, and they would also make great wall art.

    "Hello Fall" Vinyl Decal from Lia Griffith

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    Patchwork Pumpkin Pillow

    diy fall pumpkin pillow

    Polkadot Chair

    If you have average sewing skills and you love to switch out your throw pillows with the change of seasons, check out this pillow tutorial from Polkadot Chair. This patchwork pumpkin pillow is eclectic and will mix well with farmhouse-style decor. And you can make it in any fabric to match your color scheme.

    Patchwork Pumpkin Pillow from Polkadot Chair

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    Embroidered Leaf Garland

    diy fall leaf garland

    The Spruce / Mollie Johanson

    If you love to embroider, check out this fall leaf garland project. This project uses simple leaf shapes, so it is ideal for beginners with little to no hand-stitching experience. Make as many or few leaves as you want, depending on where you want to put the garland.

    Embroidered Leaf Garland from The Spruce Crafts

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    Fall Scratch-and-Sniff Stickers

    diy fall scratch-and-sniff stickers

    Damask Love

    This fall craft is perfect for kids of all ages. The tutorial explains how to create your very own fall-inspired scratch-and-sniff stickers. And once you've made the stickers, kids can create one-of-a-kind fall art using them.

    Fall Scratch-and-Sniff Stickers from Damask Love

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    Thanksgiving Wreath

    diy fall wreath

    Delineate Your Dwelling

    There are many beautiful fall wreaths you can make, and this one is no exception. Making wreaths is a relaxing way to stretch your crafting muscles and create something attractive for your home. This one uses simple, organic materials and comes together quickly.

    Thanksgiving Wreath from Delineate Your Dwelling

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    DIY Antler Headband

    diy antler ears

     The Spruce / Caylin Harris

    You start to see deer antlers in the fall, which is why this is such a cute fall craft to tackle with kids who love playing dress-up. This headpiece also is perfect for a deer Halloween costume. It comes together with basic craft materials, including felt and pipe cleaners.

    DIY Antler Headband from The Spruce Crafts

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    DIY Wood Slice Owl

    diy wood slice owl tutorial

    House of Hawthornes

    This rustic owl is made using a variety of upcycled items all positioned on a wood slice. The craft is fun for adults but is also an ideal one to tackle with kids. Get creative with the objects you use to create the owl.

    DIY Wood Slice Owl from House of Hawthornes

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    Pumpkin Spice Soap

    diy fall soap

    A Beautiful Mess

    Soap-making is a popular craft that is both rewarding and fun. Plus, many recipes produce large batches of soap, so you'll have enough for yourself and some to give away as gifts. This pumpkin spice soap recipe is perfect for fall and is easy enough for beginners.

    Pumpkin Spice Soap from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Wool Blanket

    diy chunky blanket tutorial

    Homey Oh My 

    If you've never knitted before, fall is the perfect time to start. You can learn how to knit everything you need for the upcoming winter season, from hats to scarves to gloves. This tutorial shows how to knit a chunky wool blanket, which can make a thoughtful and functional holiday gift.

    DIY Wool Blanket from Homey Oh My

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    Fall Wood Banner

    diy fall banner

    The Crafted Sparrow

    Banners are a fun way to add whimsical detailing to a mantle or another part of your home. This wooden fall banner is easy to make and will hold up for many years to come. Use stencils and paint in the styles and colors of your choosing to personalize the banner.

    Fall Wood Banner from The Crafted Sparrow

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    DIY Gather Sign

    diy fall sign

    Taryn Whiteaker

    If you want to craft a simple piece of fall decor for your dining room, check out this tutorial for a rustic gather sign. There are several ways you can make a gather sign, but this method is perfect for casual farmhouse-style decor. The letters are made of metal, and the white finish has a slightly weathered look.

    DIY Gather Sign from Taryn Whiteaker

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    DIY Thankful Mug

    diy thankful mug

    Persia Lou 

    All you need to create this "thankful for you" mug is some sticker paper, a printer, and a blank mug. These mugs would make a great addition to a coffee bar on Thanksgiving. Or you could give them away as holiday gifts.

    DIY Thankful Mug from Persia Lou

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    Leaf Wall Art

    diy leaf wall art

    The Design Twins

    This fall craft project is fun to do with kids. Have kids go outside and find some beautiful fall leaves. Then, follow the tutorial to dry and preserve the leaves to use as wall art. If you want to speed up the process or don't have pretty leaves outdoors available to you, you always can use fake leaves from the craft store.

    Leaf Wall Art from The Design Twins

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    Cornstalk Fall Wreath

    diy fall cornstalk wreath

    Twelve on Main

    Cornstalks are a common fall decor piece. If you don't want to display a large cornstalk like many people do, you can craft a cornstalk wreath for your front door instead. Cornstalks are easy to work with and provide a beautiful rustic and organic feel.

    Cornstalk Fall Wreath from Twelve on Main

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    Natural Fall Mantle

    natural fall mantle design

    Cherished Bliss

    This tutorial offers some basic styling tips for a natural-looking fall mantle. Plus, it includes a simple and fun craft that upgrades a basic vase using paint. The whole look comes together once some fall branches are added to the vase. You can use real branches or opt for faux branches to have them last longer.

    Natural Fall Mantle from Cherished Bliss