9 Fabric DIYs to Update Your Home

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Have you ever looked around your space and felt like it could use a little something extra but couldn't figure out what, exactly, that extra component should be? Well, the answer you’re looking for just might be as easy (and inexpensive) as heading to the fabric store.

Fabric is a simple and highly customizable way to enhance virtually any element in your home. From giving your coasters a bit more stylish pizazz to updating the look of your walls, fabric is packed with interior improvement potential. And the best part about it is that there are seemingly endless fabric patterns, styles, and materials to choose from, so it’s a cinch to hone in on the perfect piece for your unique aesthetic and style sensibility.

If you’re ready to revive, refresh, and customize your space, get inspired by the following fabric-infused ideas.

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    Customize Your Napkins

    diy napkins
    Homey Oh My

    Little looks more lovely and inviting than a dinner table set-up complete with fabric napkins in lieu of the paper stuff you get from the grocery store. Even better than their appearance, though, is how easy they are to make and customize.

    All you need to do is head to the fabric shop, pick out a pattern that fits your fancy, cut it accordingly, and you’ll be left with custom accents as gorgeous as these napkins here.

    Already have a set of plain fabric napkins? Spruce them up with a little paint and pattern of your own design! 

    DIY Palm Leaf Napkins from Homey Oh My

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    Make Your Own Table Runner

    diy table runner
    A Daily Something

    Fabric table runners instantly add warmth and sophistication to a tablescape. Plus, there’s no better way to complement your new and improved fabric napkins.

    You can go the raw route and simply cut a long, raw-edged rectangle like this cute and simple display, or you can spend a few minutes finishing the edges for a more professional-looking appearance.

    Canvas Drop Cloth Table Runner from A Daily Something

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    Tie up Your Chairs

    fabric chair tie
    Muslin and Merlot

    Okay, now that you have gorgeous custom napkins and a sophisticated table runner, consider completing your dining table look by updating your chairs with this idea.

    What’s particularly awesome about tying your chairs like this is that it’ll completely transform their look without the need to cut or stitch a thing. Simply pick up a few fabric scarves, and you’re good to go.

    Decorate Chairs With Scarves from Muslin and Merlot

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    Give Love to Your Walls

    fabric wall hanging
    Design Sponge

    Have a blank wall that you can’t decide how to fill with style and intrigue? Well, fabric is a blank wall’s best friend because there are truly endless ways to integrate it.

    You can cover an entire fabric wall for a textured wallpaper feel or you can spend a little time making an easy custom wall hanging.

    DIY Hanging Half Frame from Design Sponge

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    Make a No-Sew Mini Valance

    diy valance
    Design Fixation

    If you’re like so many who need to solve the problem of less-than-attractive blinds gracing the windows, then you’ll love this quick fix idea.

    All you need is a linen fabric you love, a handful of inexpensive supplies, and a free afternoon. When you’re done, you’ll be left with highly enviable window treatments—no sewing skills required.

    DIY No-Sew Window Valance from Design Fixation

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    Create Custom Coasters

    Passion Shake

    Coasters are an often overlooked element of an interior’s style, but they’re actually a great way to significantly enhance your design with pops of color and texture—especially when they’re covered in the fabric of your choice.

    And when we tell you this is incredibly easy, we mean it. These cute DIY coasters only consist of a thin layer of cork, fabric, fabric pens, and double-sided tape–so truly anyone can do it!

    DIY Moroccan-Inspired Fabric Coasters from Passion Shake 

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    Light up Your Lampshade

    The Effortless Chic

    Sure, you can have a plain ol’ white lampshade. Or, you can turn a plain lamp into a statement piece with this quick-to-make DIY idea. So quick, in fact, that it only takes 30 minutes.

    Find a piece of fabric that complements your color palette, pick up a hot glue gun, and follow this quick tutorial to turn your plain lamp into your new favorite statement item.

    D​IY Fabric Lampshade from The Effortless Chic

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    Elevate a Decorative Tray

    serving tray

    From coffee tables to entryway consoles to table settings, decorative trays have a special knack for enhancing a design while providing plenty of practical function.

    Rather than buy a tray and call it a day, consider giving it a little extra fabric love to transform your tray into a striking piece of practical decor.

    DI​Y Fabric-Lined Wood Tray from Minted

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    Cover up a Basic Notebook

    diy fabric covered notebook
    Caylin Harris

    Don't forget about your work space! Basic office supplies don't cost nearly as much as the fancier, prettier ones we all covet. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy ways to get the look of an elevated work space!

    Start with your notebooks: a piece of fabric glued on as a cover instantly takes a plain jane composition notebook up a notch and makes your desktop look prettier, too.

    DIY Fabric Covered Notebook from The Spruce