7 Fabric Crochet Patterns

Upcycle Yarn Into Rugs, Table Runners, Tote Bags, and More

Fabric Yarn

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Just because you usually crochet with yarn (or thread) doesn't mean that's your only option. You can crochet with almost anything that you can turn into string-like texture including a variety of alternative materials. If you're interested in exploring new options, then you might want to start with fabric crochet. It works like thick yarn and should feel fairly comfortable, especially if you use a large crochet hook. These seven fabric crochet patterns will get you started.

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    Crochet Rag Rugs - 7 Pattern Ideas

    Rag Rug Crochet

    KerstinIvarsson, iStock, Getty Image Plus 

    The very first thing that you might want to try making with fabric yarn is a crochet rag rug. There are even crochet rag rug kits that you can purchase to make your project easier. You can crochet a rug with almost any fabric. Since a rug doesn't usually need to be an exact size, it's a great project for figuring out how to work with a non-traditional "yarn" weight.

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    Crochet Floor Pouf Free Pattern Using Fabric Yarn

    Fabric Crochet Floor Pouf

    The Snugglery 

    This free crochet pouf pattern is designed for t-shirt yarn or "cotton tube yarn." This is a type of fabric yarn that you can buy in the stores; there are several different brands available. However, you can also make your own t-shirt yarn. And you can use other fabric to make yarn for this pouf as well. It's an easily adaptable design regardless of your "yarn" choice.

    This crochet pattern is worked using single crochet and double crochet stitches. You'll also use linked double crochet stitches. There is a video tutorial to accompany the written instructions. You'll stuff the pouf with pillow inserts or extra fabric and then seam it shut.

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    Crochet Fabric Rope Basket Free Pattern

    Crochet Fabric Rope Basket

     Vickie Howell

    You can make a very sturdy, durable crochet basket by crocheting around rope. When you crochet with fabric around rope, you get an even sturdier design. Plus, it has a unique look. It's perfect as home decor for eclectic homes.

    This crochet basket can be made to any height that you desire. You simple keep repeating rounds (which are worked in spirals) until it's as tall as you want. Then you add crochet handles. It's a smart design but one that's also very easy, once you get the hang of crocheting around rope.

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    Two-Tone Fabric Yarn Crochet Bag Pattern (Kit)

    Fabric Crochet Bag

    We Are Knitters 

    This crochet pattern is offered as part of a kit by We Are Knitters, a company that produces their own fabric yarn. If you're new to working with alternative materials, sometimes it's helpful to purchase the yarn. It's more uniform that way, which makes it easier to work with. However, you can use the company's fabric yarn crochet patterns with your own handcrafted yarn as well. This one is a two-tone crochet tote bag that's perfect for the beach or the farmer's market.

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    Openwork Fabric Crochet Market Bag Free Pattern

    Crochet Market Bag

    Jychao, Medium 

    This is a super simple crochet tote bag pattern designed for fabric yarn. It's made using just chain stitches and slip stitches. It averages about one foot tall including the handles but it's a simple design repeat so you could easily grow it to another size.

    Of course, this is a very open design, so you'll have to consider that when deciding what to carry in it. It's perfect for carrying books or large fruit. However, if you want to carry smaller items then you'll need to either line the bag or slip a smaller fabric bag inside of it. Since you're working with fabric anyway, to create your yarn, making your own is a great project!

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    Fabric Crochet Table Runner Free Pattern

    Fabric Crochet Table Runner

     Crochet By Ellen

    You will use two different fabric yarns to make this bold crochet table runner. The bulk of the project will be worked in double crochet with spaces to create a mesh design. It's simple and works well with almost any dining table decor.

    Then once that's complete, you'll use a fancier or more dramatic fabric yarn to add detail. You'll make surface crochet slip stitches along just a few rows for texture and print contrast. It's an eye-catching design. Choose fabric in different prints and colors to suit the various seasons when you host dinners.

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    Fabric Crochet Plant Cozies

    Fabric Crochet Plant Cozies

    The Cotton Road Designs 

    Dress your plants in fabric crochet sweaters. You'll use single crochet, double crochet, and post stitches to create a terrific ribbed texture that perfectly complements a variety of different plants. This crochet pattern is available in three different sizes.