Free Fabric Checkbook Cover Pattern

Fabric checkbook covers
Heidi Elliott / Flickr / CC By 2.0
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    Fabric Checkbook Cover - Materials Needed and Cutting

    Materials & Cutting for a Fabric Checkbook Cover
    Materials & Cutting for a Fabric Checkbook Cover. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Sew a fabric checkbook cover as a gift or for your own pocketbook. A fabric checkbook cover stops cracked plastic from snagging your skin and allows you the creative outlet to show your personality.

    Materials List:

    • Fabric
    • Pattern Pieces - in PDF format
      • Pattern Piece A
      • Pattern Pieces C & D
      • Pattern For Optional ID Pocket
      • Fusible Craft Interfacing
      • Thread
      • Sewing Machine
      • Optional: A small piece of vinyl for an ID pocket
      Cutting Directions:
      • Cut 2 of pattern piece A from fashion fabric
      • Cut 1 each of pieces C & D from fashion fabric
      • Cut I piece of interfacing for Pattern piece A
      • Cut interfacing for pieces C & D as shown on the pattern pieces.
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    Prepare & Sew the Interior Flaps

    A photo of details to show how to sew the fabric checkbook flaps
    Interface & Hem. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Fuse interfacing to one of piece A on the wrong side of the fabric.

    Fuse interfacing to pieces C & D, keeping the distance marked on the pattern piece uncovered.

    Turn down the un-interfaced fabric on pieces C & D over the interfacing and press. Stitch the hem down.

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    Optional Vinyl ID Pocket

    A photo of the vinyl id pocket sewn in place.
    Vinyl ID pocket. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Stitch optional ID pocket in the center of piece C.

    *If the sewing machine foot hangs up on the vinyl, place a piece of tissue paper over the vinyl. Rip the tissue away after your finished stitching.

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    Sew a Buttonhole

    A photo showing the buttonhole placement sewn.
    Elongated Buttonhole. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    On piece D, sew a buttonhole the length marked on the pattern piece. Do not open the hole now, as it makes it difficult to turn right side out later.

    A buttonhole is sewn by adjusting the stitch length and stitch width on a zig-zag stitch. Use a wider stitch at both ends of the buttonhole to form bar-tacks at the end of the buttonhole.

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    Attach Pockets to Un-Interfaced Base

    Photo showing basted pockets sewn in place.
    Baste the Pockets in Place. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Line pieces C & D up on the un-interfaced piece A, aligning the outside edges. Baste, close to the edge so that you can work these three pieces as one piece.

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    Joining the Main Pieces

    A photo of the fabric checkbook cover sewn and turned.
    Cover Sewn and Turned. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Placing right sides together, lining up all edges, lay pieces A on top of each other.

    Stitch leaving an opening on one edge so you can turn the cover right side out.

    Turn right side out and push all the edges out as much as possible.

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    Finishing & Tips

    A photo of sewn fabric checkbook covers.
    Completed Fabric Checkbook Cover. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Press, being careful not to iron the vinyl pocket if you added it.

    Press the seam allowance in, that you left open, to match the rest of the seam line. Slip stitch or fuse the opening closed.

    Carefully open the buttonhole if it is needed for the type of checks you have.

    Place checks and register in the cover!

    Optional Ideas:

    • Add piping or trim to the outside edge
    • If you tend to collect and over-stuff your checkbook, consider adding ribbon ties on the edge to hold it all together.
    • Embroider or embellish the cover with an appliqué before you assemble it.
    • Create a small piece of quilted patchwork to cut one of piece A out of and create a one of a kind checkbook cover.