Free Eyelash Yarn Crochet Patterns

Knitting needles and eyelash yarn
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Eyelash yarn is a type of novelty yarn that is sometimes called "fun yarn," "furry yarn," and "hairy yarn" because the appearance of the yarn is such that there are threads (eyelashes) coming off of the main body of the yarn strand. There are many different ways that you can use eyelash yarn, creating faux fur designs as well as textured, soft, creative crochet items. Use these free crochet patterns to begin making eyelash yarn items to incorporate into your own wardrobe.

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    Fancy Fur Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

    Fuzzy scarf

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    Crochet a trendy women's scarf using eyelash yarn. It looks like a faux fur scarf with a little bit of sparkle and adds a bit of glamour and whimsy as an accessory no matter what you are wearing with it.

    The stitch used in this pattern is a variation of the V-stitch, which is a stitch that you can do as long as you know how to double crochet. This one is based on the crochet V-stitch in brick repeat. It is an easy pattern that works up quickly, so this is a great instant gratification project.

    This is a 32-inch long crochet scarf that is only about eight inches across. You could always double the pattern if you wanted a nice thick crochet scarf for winter wear.

    Fancy Fur Scarf Free Crochet Pattern from The Spruce

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    Fun Fur Eyelash Yarn Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

    Close-up of eyelash yarn

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    Here's a soft, stylish scarf for you to crochet. This one is a super easy crochet scarf that consists entirely of single crochet. Due to this, it's a great example of how changing your yarn can dramatically change your design. A basic traditional yarn worked in single crochet has a very straightforward look while eyelash yarn gives you a "hairy" design in the same stitch.

    Although this is a simple crochet pattern, you might want to play around with eyelash yarn for a while by making some swatches before you work this pattern. That's because this furry yarn doesn't have great stitch definition so it can be a little tough to tell where the right stitch placement is when working the short stitch of single crochet. Work some double crochet stitches first to get a sense of how to work with this yarn.

    Fun Fur Eyelash Yarn Scarf Free Crochet Pattern from The Spruce

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    Fun Fur Crochet Baby Boots

    Fun Fur Crochet Boots Free Pattern


    Eyelash yarn can be used to create almost any full item, but it can also be used as a simple little detail that really adds style to your crochet work. This pattern and the rest of the ones featured will show how you can use eyelash yarn to embellish your work.

    Take this pattern for a pair of baby boots by Yarnutopia for example. Any pair of baby booties would be a little more special with a bit of fun fur for detail.

    Basically, any detail where you might want fur can be accomplished using eyelash yarn crochet.

    Fun Fur Crochet Baby Boots from Yarnutopia

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    Furry Skirt on Crochet Doll Dress

    This is a great detail for a doll design that might inspire a women's crochet dress pattern in fun fur, too. All you would have to do is modify the pattern if you want to make this for yourself and not a doll.

    Furry Skirt on Crochet Doll Dress from Linda Mary via Ravelry

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    Sumac Afghan Square

    This is part of a sampler afghan, and the majority of the square is worked in regular yarn but there is a fun fur flower detail. This idea would be great to mimic on a bunch of different squares that you can join together to make a quilt.

    Sumac Afghan Square from Rebecca Schnabel

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    Mini Christmas Stocking

    Add a little bit of fur to the top of your crochet Christmas stockings for just a little bit more fun.

    Mini Christmas Stocking from Nichola Squier

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