11 Places to Find Easy Sudoku Printables

Sudoku worksheet

Illustration: The Spruce / Emilie Dunphy

Sudoku is a great way to both flex your brain muscles and take a relaxing break at any time of the day. These easy Sudoku printables are great for the beginner of any age and can quickly be solved once the rules are understood.

How to Play Sudoku

Sudoku is a fairly straightforward puzzle game. The goal is to get all the little boxes (called cells) filled in with a number (usually 1-9). Some of the cells will already be filled in with numbers. You'll need to use the process of elimination to fill out the rest of the cells. You can not repeat a number in the same row, column, or box.

There's no reason to make guesses when you play, just use your deductive reasoning to find out what numbers belong where.

What Makes a Sudoku Puzzle Easy?

There are two things that make a Sudoku puzzle easy. Standard Sudoku grids are 9x9, meaning they have 9 rows, 9 columns, and 9 boxes, each of those having 9 cells. That means that there are 81 cells that need to be filled out. You can choose a smaller size of grid and there will be fewer cells that will need to be filled in to solve the puzzle. Some common grid sizes that are great for the beginner are 4x4's, 6x6's, and the standard 9x9.

Another way to make Sudoku puzzles easier is to have more of the cells that already have the clues, also called givens, filled in. These give you more information about the missing numbers that you have to find. Easy puzzles have a lot of clues already filled in and harder puzzles have barely any.

Where to Find Easy Sudoku Puzzles

Here are some great places to get very easy and easy Sudoku printables. You'll need to download them and print them out in order to complete them.

  1. Math in English: There are 4x4 Sudoku puzzles here that start out as simple as you can get and are geared towards kids but are perfect for the beginner of any age. Besides the number Sudokus, there are also easy Sodukus here that use shapes and letters. There are also 6x6 Sudoku puzzles for kids and easier 9x9 puzzles that have a lot of the cells already filled in.
  2. Soduku Download: You can download a worksheet with 60 easy 4x4 Sudoku puzzles that use numbers and another one that uses letters. There are also easy Sudoku puzzles in 6x6 grids, 7x7 grids, 9x9 grids, 10x10 grids, 16x16 grids, and 25x25 grids. There's a printable solution page for all of the puzzles.
  3. Print Activities: These are some great Sudoku puzzles for those who are just learning how to play. Some of the puzzles here even include hints on how to solve them. There are 4x4 and 6x6 grids available.
  4. Krazy Dad: Referred to as Kidoku puzzles, there are an unbelievable amount of Sudoku puzzles here that can be downloaded 8 at a time. Answers are included for all the puzzles.
  5. Puzzles.ca: These are all 9x9 Sudoku puzzles but there are hundreds listed in the easy level. A separate solution page can be printed for each.
  6. The Printable Soduku Puzzle Site: There are 6 super easy Sudoku puzzles that can be printed out separately. These are nice because they are large-print with bold numbers, making them easy to read.
  7. Memory Improvement Tips: There are 25+ free easy Sudoku puzzles here. They print out four per page with a separate solution sheet. These are the standard 9x9 grid puzzles.
  8. Print My Sudoku: There are 12 pages for easy sudokus in the 9x9 grid format. You can also create your own Sudoku by inputting the number of grids and skill level.
  9. Dad's Worksheets: There are a lot of easy Sudoku puzzles here and they come 4 per worksheet. These puzzles are great because at the top of the page there are the rules of Sudoku, making it a great choice for a true beginner.
  10. Kids Math Games: Here's a set of 4x4 Sudoku puzzles that are perfect for kids just learning how to play.
  11. MathSphere: Here are some free, printable Sudoku worksheets and one set if easy puzzles made out of 4x4 and 6x6 grids. The intro page also includes the history of the game.