Endless Stairs, an Easy Quilt Block Pattern

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    How to Make Endless Stairs Quilt Blocks

    Endless Stairs Quilt Block Pattern
    Make Endless Stairs Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    New to Quilting? You'll Love This Easy Endless Stairs Block Pattern

    The Endless Stairs quilt block pattern is super easy, so easy that you can crank the blocks out in no time at all. The 8" finished size makes the quilt blocks usable in many projects, from toddler quilts on up.

    Replace suggested fabrics with colors and styles that suit your needs.

    Finished block size: 8" x 8"

    Materials Required for One Block Blue fabric: (1) 3" x 19" strip. This can be a medium to a dark. The fabric should definitely read as blue and can be a print, a tone on tone or a mottled fabric. Do not use large multicolor prints that appear to be a mix of several colors from a distance. Blue should be dominant.

    My blue is somewhat directional but works okay for this block. It's best to avoid stripes.

    Neutral: (1) 2" x 19" strip. This can also be a print, a tone on tone or a mottled fabric, but the same guidelines apply -- creamy neutrals, white, even gray -- but the neutral should rule. The print I used in the example block is actually a creamy neutral color, not yellow, but my photos are a bit off. See page 3 for more examples, and pages 4 and 5 for layout ideas.

    Cutting strips from the longest edge of a fat quarter produces strips slightly longer than necessary but offers plenty of opportunities for squaring-up.

    1. Sew your strips together lengthwise as shown. Press seam allowance towards the blue fabric.
    2. Square up one end of the strip set and then cut (4) 4-1/2" segments from it.

    Don't stop here. You'll find important directions on page 2, and some quilt layout examples on pages 3 through 5.

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    Sew the Endless Stairs Quilt Block

    Quilt Block Patterns
    Sew the Endless Stairs Quilt Block. Janet Wickell

    Endless Stairs Sewing Instructions

    1. Arrange the four block segments into two rows as shown, left.
    2. Sew the components of the top and bottom rows together, center photo. Press seam allowance toward the unpieced panels (blue for the top row, cream for the bottom).
    3. Join the rows, ​abutting the center seams for a perfect match and making sure all other edges are aligned. Press. The quilt block should measure 8-1/2" x 8-1/2".

    Flip through the remaining pages for Endless Stairs quilt layout ideas.

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    Endless Stairs Quilt Example

    Easy Quilt Patterns
    Endless Stairs in Scrappy Blue. Janet Wickell

    Endless Stairs Quilt Layout Option

    Here's a preview of what a scrappy Endless Stairs quilt might look like, with a mix of values in the blue and neutral areas.

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    Endless Stairs Quilt Block Layout Option

    Quilt Block Patterns
    Endless Stairs Quilt Blocks. Janet Wickell

    Endless Stairs Quilt Layout Option 2

    This drawing illustrates just one possibility for arranging Endless Stairs quilt blocks.

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    Endless Stairs Quilt Made for Project Linus

    Project Linus quilt
    Project Linus Quilt by Patti.

    Endless Stairs Quilt Layout Option 3

    Patti used Endless Stairs quilt blocks to make this quilt for project Linus.