10 Hand Embroidery Patterns for Spring

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    Get Ready for Spring With These Embroidery Patterns

    Are you ready for some spring stitching? This round-up of hand embroidery patterns will certainly get you in the mood! From flowers to spring critters to fluttering friends and blooming branches, you'll love working on a new season of stitches.

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    Spring Branch Doodle Stitching Pattern

    The Doodle Stitching books by Aimee Ray are filled with all kinds of delightful motifs, many of which are perfect for spring stitching. This blossoming branch is a free pattern that will surely whet your appetite for more of her designs. 

    Although it's presented as a single motif, you could easily repeat the design to make a border, or even combine this with some lettering, such as a name or a welcome for spring!

    Doodle Stitching Spring Branch Pattern, via Lark Crafts

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    Springtime Flowers Pattern

    Aneela Hoey, author of Little Stitches, created this simple (and free!) springtime embroidery pattern. It would look beautiful stitched on a zipper pouch or a child's dress. The bright color palette screams spring, but the floral design would look just as sweet if stitched in colors that whisper spring instead. 

    Springtime Embroidery Pattern, via Comfort Stitching

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    Wee Brown Bunny and Friends Patterns

    Amy of Nana Company always makes the sweetest things, and these free spring animal patterns are no exception. Along with the patterns for Wee Brown Bunny's Friends (a lamb and chick), you'll also find directions for making the sweet bags featuring Wee Brown Bunny. 

    Wee Brown Bunny and Wee Brown Bunny's Friends patterns, via eHow

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    Vintage-Inspired Bluebird Pattern

    Folk-Style Bluebird Free Pattern
    Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design

    If you're a fan of folk-art, you'll love this blue bird pattern inspired by a vintage transfer sheet. The colors in the example are bold traditional folk-art colors, but you could change them to light or bright spring colors. 

    And although this is a free pattern, the downloadable PDF is extensive. A full color and stitch guide is included, as well as a scan of the original vintage pattern. Plus, there are some unusual stitches used, making it a fun project for beginner and advanced stitchers alike!

    Blue Bird Embroidery Pattern, via Kelly Fletcher Needlework

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    Spring Word Art Embroidery Pattern

    Spring Seasonal Embroidery Pattern
    Spring Seasonal Embroidery Pattern. Mollie Johanson

    Florals reign in spring and this free spring word art pattern has a perfect scattering of tiny flowers. It's designed to be worked with satin stitch to fill in the letters, but if outlining with back stitch is more your thing, that works too. And all of the little flowers are easy to make with just a couple stitches!

    Spring Word Art Embroidery Pattern from The Spruce

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    Spring Is in the Air Embroidery Patterns

    Spring is in the Air Pattern
    Bustle and Sew

    Can you smell spring? Between trees budding, rain showers and flowers starting to bloom, you can always tell when spring is in the air. Celebrate that with this beautiful embroidery pattern. The word Spring is created with leaves and flowers, plus there are a few extra elements too. 

    Bustle and Sew also offers a free pattern of a bulb in a teacup. It makes a great companion piece to the Spring is in the Air design! 

    Spring Is in the Air Embroidery Pattern, $7, Bustle and Sew

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    Daisy the Floral Deer Pattern

    Daisy the Floral Deer Pattern
    Beverly McCullough

    Bev of Flamingo Toes offers this darling deer who is sporting some spring blossoms. Daisy the Floral Deer is just one of the floral animal patterns that she's designed. 

    The stitching is simple enough for those who are new to embroidery and would make a great wall display as shown.

    Daisy the Floral Deer Pattern, $6.64, Flamingo Toes

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    Spring Dancing Bear Embroidery Pattern

    Spring Bear Embroidery Pattern
    Follow the White Bunny

    You'll "bearly" believe the level of detail in this simple embroidery, but with Follow the White Bunny's pattern, you'll be able to stitch a charming spring bear just like this one. Because who could resist a furry bear dancing with an arch of spring flowers?

    Nicole also shares a free spring bunny pattern on her blog, which you won't want to miss!

    Spring Bear Hand Embroidery Pattern, $6.64, Follow the White Bunny

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    Bird on a Branch Embroidery Kit

    Bird on Branch Embroidery Kit
    Tamar Nahir Yanai

    With this embroidery kit from Tamar Nahir Yanai, you'll be ready to pick up your needle and start stitching a very springy bird on a branch in no time. The pattern is simply adorable and the kit itself comes with printed fabric so you can skip the transfer step.

    Bird on Branch Embroidery Kit, $17.14, Tamar Nahir Yanai

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    Spring Butterfly Pattern

    Spring Butterfly Embroidery Pattern
    Sweet Pea Workshop

    Depending on where you live, you may see more butterflies in summer than you do in spring, but there are many spring butterflies. And with this pattern you can have them year-round! Sweet Pea Workshop's butterfly pattern incorporates beads and sparkle into the stitching and includes a little quote: "to rest atop a flower, sipping nectar for an hour."

    Butterfly PDF Embroidery Pattern, $3.99, Sweet Pea Workshop