Embroidery Basics

Get basic embroidery tips for your next project, and learn about different kinds of embroidery stitches, floss and techniques.
Chinese Cross Stitch Diagram
How to Work Chinese Cross Stitch
Ribbon Stitch Diagram
How to Work the Most Common Stitch for Ribbon Embroidery
Sewing accessories, Fabric
Get Ready for Sweater Weather With This Free Embroidery Pattern
heart with embroidered in jeans pocket
Fix Torn Clothing and Make It Better Than Ever With Embroidery
Self-Fringing Fabric Edge
Finish Your Embroidery With a Self-Fringing Edge
Woven Wheel Stitch Examples
Use Woven Wheel Stitch to Make Stunning Flowers
Embroidery floss and needle
Embroidery Threads That Work Great With Hand Embroidery
Sheaf Stitch Diagram
How to Work the Sheaf Stitch
Comparing Aurifil Threads
Can You Embroider With Sewing Thread?
Stitching Tiny Embroidered Flowers
How to Embroider Tiny Flowers
DIY Stitching Pouch
DIYs Kits to Protect and Organize Your Stitching Projects
Fabric, Floss and Needles
41 Things to Love About Embroidery
Stitching with Metallic Threads
Stitching With Metallic Embroidery Threads
Painting Embroidery Hoops
Discover 3 Ways to Paint Embroidery Hoops for Framing
Working the Single Chain Stitch
Learn the Detached Single Chain Embroidery Stitch
Stitching on Knitwear
Ways to Add Embroidery to Knit or Crochet Wear
Embroidery Sample by a Young Child
Top 10 Tips for Teaching Embroidery to Kids
Directly Above Shot Of Decorated Fabrics On Table
Why You Should Use Stabilizer With Your Embroidery
Embroidered Paper Ornament
How to Stitch a Paper Ornament
Embroidering Bold Flowers
How to Embroider Bold and Modern Flowers
Water-Soluble Material
How to Mark an Embroidery Pattern on Dark Fabrics
Using Blanket Stitch on Fused Applique
How to Work the Blanket Stitch
Couching Stitch Diagram
How to Work Couching in Your Embroidery
Ironing Embroidery
Follow These Tips When Ironing Hand Embroidery
An embroiderer prepares a colonial knots.
Make a Colonial Knot in Hand Embroidery
Magnetic Needle Minders
Needle Minders and How to Use Them
Warp, Weft, Bias and Selvedge
Why Should You Know About Warp and Weft in Embroidery?
Using Thread Conditioner
Learn How to Use Thread Heaven and Other Thread Conditioners
Split Stitch Diagram
Working Split Stitch in Hand Embroidery
Running Stitch Diagram
Your Guide for Working a Running Stitch
Embroidery floss
Learn Everything You Need to Know About Embroidery Floss
Embroidery set. Linen fabric, embroidery patterns, embroidery hoop, colorful threads and needls.
These Are 7 Must-Read Embroidery Magazines
Racks with embroidery hanging on the wall
Get Inspired by These 10 Incredible Embroidery Instagram Feeds
Embroidery set. White linen fabric, embroidery hoop, colorful threads and needls. Copy space
5 Embroidery Fabrics and How You Can Use Them
Chain stitch embroidery
Master the Chain Stitch for Your Embroidery With These Steps
Stitching the Chrysanthemum With Fly Stitch
How to Work the Fly Stitch in Your Embroidery
How to Display Embroidery on Stretched Canvas
Show off Your Finished Embroidery on Stretched Canvas
Feather Stitch Example
Learn How to Make a Feather Stitch and Its Variations
French Knot Examples
Cross Stitching: How to Make a French Knot Easily
Straight Stitch Examples
How to Use Straight Stitch in Your Embroidery
Embroidery thread and needle
Use This Embroidery Color Conversion Charts to Find Similar Colors
How to Work Back Stitch
How to Work the Back Stitch in Hand Embroidery
Embroidery stitch, needlework
Using the Lacy Fern Stitch in Hand Embroidery
Basic Satin Stitch Diagram
How to Work Satin Stitch in Hand Embroidery
Embroidery Crafting Supplies
Discover 9 Useful Embroidery Blogs That You Should Follow
How to Transfer Patterns with Tracing Paper
How to Transfer a Design to Fabric With Tracing Paper
Embroidery set. Linen fabric, embroidery patterns, embroidery hoop and needls.
Learn About Blackwork Embroider and Find Stitchers' Resources
Embroidered Sashiko Pattern
10 Ways to Break the Rules of Sashiko Embroidery
Printable Floss Minder
Free Embroidery Floss Organizer Printable
Printable Linen Floss Bobbins
Print Your Own Embroidery Floss Bobbins
A Tambour hook
How to Use a Tambour Hook for Embroidery
Embroidery Needles
8 Types of Needles for Embroidery
Close up of surface embroidery
Discover 11 Ways to Keep Embroidery Clean and Protected