Best Embroidery and Needlework Magazines

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Embroidery and needlework magazines offer a wealth of inspiration and patterns to try, as well as useful information and tips so you can build your skills. Sure you'll probably have to put down your stitching for a little while as you flip through the pages (either paper or digital), but your fingers might just need the break. Read on for a list of seven must-read embroidery publications.

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    Cover of Stitch magazine.

    Boasting both traditional embroidery techniques and creative contemporary ideas, this magazine produced by the Embroiderers' Guild features workshops with top instructors. Both current and past issues of Stitch are available in print and digital formats.

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    Embroidery—The Textile Art Magazine

    Cover of Embroidery—The Textile Art Magazine.

    Also published by the Embroiderers' Guild, Embroidery—The Textile Art Magazine shares inspirational ideas and features as well as news of embroidery shows and events. Rather than a publication showing how to make embroidered projects and patterns, this is a magazine about embroidery and the artists who stitch it.

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    Mollie Makes

    Cover of Mollie Makes magazine.

    Although Mollie Makes is a magazine showcasing many different crafts, nearly every issue contains embroidery projects or patterns of some kind. Its embroidery features are typically created by popular designers or are excerpts from books. Either way, they're always enjoyable.

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    Cover of Homespun magazine.

    Homespun is another title that isn't purely focused on embroidery and needlework but still features embroidery on a regular basis. Often it has a pattern-of-the-month stitch-a-long, with each design created to be part of a larger embroidered project, such as a quilt.

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    Broderie Créative

    Cover of Broderie Créative magazine.

    Broderie Créative is a French embroidery magazine and is published entirely in French. But even if you don't read French, you're likely to love flipping through the pages for inspiration. The same publisher offers other embroidery periodicals as well, which you won't want to miss.

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    Creative Machine Embroidery

    Cover of Creative Machine Embroidery

    If you enjoy machine embroidery, Creative Machine Embroidery offers a broad range of projects and patterns. And even if you prefer to do your stitching by hand, there is still so much inspiration in these pages.

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    Mary Hickmott's New Stitches

    Cover of Mary Hickmott's New Stitches magazine.

    British embroidery artist Mary Hickmott started this magazine in 1992 and has published more than 250 issues. New Stitches features a variety of embroidery styles and techniques in each issue. Although it is no longer published, used back issues may still be found online, and digital issues are also available for download.