Embroidery Doll Face Patterns

sewed handmade dolls
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A great way to put that embroidery machine to good use is by making a cute doll and stuffed toy faces. With these online vendors, you can find patterns for all sorts of faces such as dolls, cats, dogs, clowns, and more. Choosing different expressions for your homemade toys can help make them unique. Homemade dolls will become a treasured keepsake for any child because they're made with love. 

Shop Around 

Embroidery designs can be very similar from site to site but the prices can vary wildly. Take your time and look around. Improper hooping is usually to blame when outlines don't line up with the design but if you find a reliable site for designs you may want to stick with their reliability.

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    Video - Make a Doll Face Hoop Embroidery

    This video is a great place to start if you are new to machine embroidery. The video explains all aspects of machine embroidery and you get to see the entire process. Don't miss the continuation of the first video.

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    Embroidery Library - Doll Face Embroidery Designs

    Embroidery Library offers hundreds of doll face designs for a dollar each. Expressions like sleeping, awake, winking, and more are there for your downloading pleasure.

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    Embroidery Designs.com - Doll Faces 1

    This design pack is loaded with doll face options but you don't have to buy the entire pack if you won't be using them all. Be sure to compare the pack price to the price of buying individual designs. The site also offers a "Custom Pack" option which may be best for avid embroidery fans.

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    Digitized by Jen - Doll Face Designs

    These doll face designs can be ordered in various size packages in whatever format you need. Cat, dog and alien faces are among the patterns you will find here.

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    Grand Slam Designs

    Grand Slam Designs offers a great selection of doll faces for almost any doll you can think of making. Be sure to browse their free designs too. You may luck out and find the design you want at a bargain!

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    Ann the Gran Doll Face Embroidery Designs

    This site offers an entire set of doll face designs or you can buy a single design by clicking the link for the face you are interested in. These are reasonably priced designs. New registrants receive a complimentary one week club membership, which is a great way to test the waters.

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    Cute Embroidery - Doll Face

    This detailed doll face is $1.00 or free if you become a member of the site. Setting up an account is free but membership is sold in six-month intervals.

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    Dolls and Daydreams - Doll Faces

    This collection isn't just dolls. You'll be mesmerized by the owls, foxes, panda, monsters, and more. These patterns will have you sewing all kinds of dolls.

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    Great Notions - Doll Face Designs

    You'll find pages of doll face designs at Great Notions. You may want to join their "Design Flex Club" if you find yourself buying many designs through their site.