Eileen Casey

Eileen is an obsessed knitter and designer from Ireland, now living in upstate New York with her husband and two young daughters. Knitting is never too far from her mind and she tends to see potential patterns all around -- in the flowers, buildings, and on the sweaters of passers-by! She can be contacted through her website or found through her Ravelry account as EileenCasey.


Eileen was steeped in the Irish knitting tradition from and early age, and her first prize-winning design (at the 2004 New York State Fair) was an Aran sweater, purported to belong to the Casey clan.

Since then she has won prizes every year she has entered the New York State Fair, including a blue ribbon and the Joan L Dobson Memorial Award for Excellence in Knitting in 2009.

Prior to joining About.com (and starting her family), she worked in a yarn store and found her niche there in custom designing patterns for individual clients, as well as teaching knitting techniques to knitters of all levels.

Eileen is part of the KnitPicks Independent Designer Program, and her designs can be seen at Eileen Casey Creations.


Eileen is a graduate of the Queen's University of Belfast in Northern Ireland, where she took an honors degree in English Literature and Classics.

Eileen Casey


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