Egg Carton Snail Craft

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    Egg Carton Snail Craft

    Crafting with items that you already have on hand is always the best way to reuse materials and save money. Egg cartons are one of those common materials that most people have in their kitchen already. There are so many ways to use them in crafts and this easy snail craft is one of them! Turn those boring egg cartons into colorful and cute snails for your spring garden or classroom. Your kids are really going to love this craft. 

    Click through for a step-by-step tutorial for making this cute preschool snail craft.

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    Step 1: Egg Carton Snail Craft

    Here are the supplies that you will need

    Egg Carton
    Pipe Cleaners
    Glue (using hot glue works best but regular glue works too)
    Googly Eyes


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    Step 2: Egg Carton Snail Craft

    The first step in this easy craft is that you need to cut out each individual cup of the egg carton out. These will be your snail shells.

    Next, paint each egg carton and let them dry.

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    Step 3: Egg Carton Snail Craft

    Next, it's time to create your snail body. Twist your pipe cleaner into a "Y" shape, keeping one end long.  Shape the paper cleaner into the egg carton and glue into place.  Attach the googly eyes with glue or hot glue.

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    Finished Egg Carton Snail Craft

    Aren't these just super cute? Your little egg carton snails are ready to take off and explore! This is a great preschool project for spring and garden units. Plus your kids will have a blast making them and they can be as creative as they want with the shell designs!