13 Educational Paper Crafts

Fun and Educational Paper Crafts For Kids

Calling all preschool teachers and homeschooling parents

This roundup article is dedicated to preschool teachers and homeschooling parents. Are you looking for unique and entertaining ways to teach your children? Today’s craft roundup is devoted to educational paper crafts. We are featuring 13 excellent craft projects that will help your children learn while having fun at the same time. There is a craft for everyone on this list!

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    Recycled Paper Project

    kids making paper pulp by hand

    You Clever Monkey

    Earth Day Paper Craft Projects

    Teach children about the history of Earth Day and the importance of recycling while making handmade paper.

    Nichole, from You Clever Monkey has an article geared toward preschoolers that demonstrates recycling paper in an easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial.

    Young children will enjoy the sensory experience of working with paper pulp and have fun while learning about the papermaking process.
    Making homemade paper is a project that is best when done outside while the weather is warm.

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    Native American Animal Hide Project

    Indian Animal Hide Paper Project

    Sleepyhead Design Studio

    Native American Inspired Paper Crafts

    Make a faux Native American animal hide painting from grocery bags! Stacy Spangler from Sleepyhead Design Studio says she made this paper craft as a child, but it continues to be an exciting learning craft for today's children.

    This project promotes discussion about Native American culture, symbolism, and art. The finished faux hide looks lifelike and will be a craft that will make your child feel proud.

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    Art Lessons for Everyone

    mona lisa

    Incredible Art




    Free Art Lessons

    All people that are crafty will love this site. Incredible art is one site you do not want to miss. If you are looking for paper crafts and art projects for your students, you will undoubtedly find one in this impressive collection of art projects. There are numerous free art lessons listed from preschool level to college.

    Incredible Art was started in 1994 by Ken Rohrer in Indianapolis Indiana to promote art education. Since then it has grown to include millions of visitors each year. In addition to art lessons, the site has, news, a job board, teacher resources and more.

    Incredibleart.org is an art education community that offers worldwide access to the arts for free! It is a resource that you will bookmark and return to again and again.

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    Camping Scavenger Hunt for Kids

    Scavenger Hunt Bag

    Creative Homemakers

    Fun Scavenger Hunt for Kids

    Heather from Creative Homemakers has a cute idea for a kids scavenger hunt. Although she suggests this as a camping activity it could work as an educational experience in any outdoor setting, even your backyard.

    All you have to do is take a paper bag and glue photos of the objects that are to be found and placed in the bag. The first person to fill the bag with the found objects wins.

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    Make Your Own Constellation Viewer

    the night sky

    Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash 

    Teach Your Children About the Universe

    Make a craft for all children that are interested in astronomy. Learn how to make a constellation viewer out of a paper tube — what a great craft for your students that are gifted.

    This scholarly project will encourage your child to learn more about stars and the exciting world of outer space. Budding astronomers and future space explorers will love this mind-blowing project.

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    Butterfly Life Cycle Activity


    Stay At Home Educator

    The Lifespan of a Butterfly

    Teach your preschool child the life cycle of a butterfly. This paper project visually demonstrates the stage of development of the butterfly, in a way that a child will readily understand. Paper butterflies are an excellent craft to make in the Spring. Children can then observe the actual stages first hand while spending time outside.

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    Paper Plate Clock Activity for Learning to Tell Time

    Photo Courtesy of frugalfunforboys.com

    Teach Your Children How to Tell Time

    Teach your little ones to tell time using this paper plate craft. Young children will be excited when they quickly understand how to tell time with the help of an easy visual aid.

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    Tape Shapes Game

    Photo Courtesy of.pleasantestthing.com

    An Easy and Fun Way to Teach Your Children Shapes

    It just doesn't get any easier than this! Teach your toddler shapes by making a game out of it. Just cut out different shapes from construction paper, and make matching shapes with tape on the floor or carpet. Let the fun begin. We wish we had this craft available when our children were little.

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    Sunny Flowers Parts of a Plant Diagram

    parts of a flowers

    Crayon Bits



    Learn the Names of Flowers Parts

    Children will learn the parts of a plant when making these bright flowers. These paper beauties are adorable and easy to make. This craft can lead to discussions about gardening, the environment, pollination and much more.

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    Paper Snake

    paper snake

    Crafty Morning



    Snakes are Our Friends Too

    This craft is one for all of the budding herpetologist's ( someone who studies snakes and other reptiles/amphibians) out there. Make a paper snake out of a paper plate and bubble wrap. A great craft to teach children about different kinds of snakes, safety and reptiles in general.

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    Preschool Paper Quilt

    kids making a paper quilt

    Teach Preschool



    A Paper Quilt that Even Kids Can Make

    Encourage group learning and teamwork with a paper quilt project. Young children can learn to work together and solve problems together — a valuable skill to have.

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    Octopus Counting Craft

    octopus counter

    All Kids Network



    An Octopus Helps Kids Learn How to Count

    Teach your preschoolers how to count when making this adorable octopus out a paper. This cute little paper octopus is a fun and easy craft that helps your preschooler learn how to count numbers in no time!

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    How to Make Mini Teepees/Tipi

    paper teepee village

    That Artist Woman



    Teach Your Children About Native American Cultures and Traditions

    Gail Bartel of That Artist Woman has a tutorial project that was made in honor the Calgary Stampede, the largest rodeo and festival held every July in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

    She has a tutorial that demonstrates how to design miniature teepees. They look authentic and can be grouped to make an Indian village. This project will promote discussion of Indian culture, rodeos, cowboy life, Canada and more.