Looking for a Project? Easy to Stitch Projects for Every Occasion

Ideas for Finishing Completed Cross Stitch Designs

Transform a CD with Cross Stitch
Transform a CD with Cross Stitch. Photo © Connie G. Barwick, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Once you finish a cross stitch pattern what do you plan to do with it? Sure you can frame it, but maybe your walls are too full and you are looking for other ways to show off your work. Below is a sampling of what you can do with your cross stitch once it is finished. 

Keep a Stitching Journal
Keep a record of all your adventures in Cross Stitching.

Make a Cross Stitch Coaster
Enjoy your favorite beverage while protecting your furniture in style.

Create a Cross Stitch Cuff Bracelet
Stitch up some Cross Stitch bling.

Easy Aida Bookmark
Create a simple bookmark with a small piece of Aida and a stitched design.

Card - Fabric Band Method
Use a bookmark or piece of Cross Stitch Ribband to make a simple card.

Card - Paper Embellishments Method
Add acid-free paper embellishments to a design stitched on fabric, perforated paper, or plastic canvas for a unique card.

Card - Small Cross Stitch Design Method
Make a simple and easy card by affixing a small stitched design to a blank card.

Make a Cross Stitch Card - Photo Frame Card Method
Use a photo-frame card to quickly create a creative Cross Stitch Card.<br/>
Embellish a Photo Frame Card
Ideas for dressing up a simple photo frame Cross Stitch Card.

Perk Up a Paper Mache Box
This project makes a great gift box or storage box for supplies.

Create a Cross Stitch Treasure Box
Start with a simple wooden or paper box. Add a stitched project and some trim.

Cross Stitch Gift Tag
Use a stitched or beaded design to make an elegant gift tag by borrowing a paper frame from the scrapbook supply aisle.

Cross Stitch Pin
Stitch a pattern on plastic canvas for a quick pin.

Transform a CD with Cross Stitch
Don't toss out damaged or unwanted CDs. Rescue them instead with this project.

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