9 Easy to Make Fairy Garden Accessories

Add accessories to make your fairy or miniature garden look like it is inhabited by little folk. These projects can be made from materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardens, and give the sense that your garden plants are part of a miniature scene.

For those of you new to container gardening or new to grouping small-scale plants for miniature gardens, these tips for miniature plants will help you keep your collection growing.

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    Tiny Garden Gnomes

    Miniature garden gnomes

    Lesley Shepherd

    These tiny garden gnomes can be made in a variety of sizes and poses using either polymer clay or two-part epoxy putty. The ones shown are made from epoxy putty, colored with Pearl Ex pigments or Pan Pastels. The epoxy putty gnomes will withstand the UV rays in an outdoor miniature garden, provided they are treated with a UV protective varnish.

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    Miniature Garden Gazing Globes

    Miniature garden gazing globe in dolls house scale with a beaded base

    Lesley Shepherd

    Use tiny Christmas balls as the basis for miniature garden gazing globes for your fairy garden. For indoor gardens, you can use silvered glass balls, but for outside gardens, you are better off to use plastic balls and silicone glues.

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    Miniature Detailed Bird Baths

    Basin and tree shaped support for a quarter scale dollhouse miniature birdbath

    Lesley Shepherd

    Miniature detailed bird baths are easy to make from polymer clay or two-part epoxy putty. For outdoor bird baths use epoxy putty and give it a coat of an outdoor UV resistant varnish to preserve any paint or color you add to the epoxy.

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    Miniature Birds Nests

    A miniature model birds nest in dolls house scale made from reindeer moss and thread

    Lesley Shepherd

    You can fill these miniature birds nests with polymer clay or epoxy putty eggs and set them in the branches of your fairy garden trees. They will also work for miniature chicken runs if you place one of those at the bottom of your fairy garden.

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    Tiny Bird and Butterfly Houses

    Birdhouses, mason bee tubes and butterfly houses made from air dry clay and wood in dollhouse scale

    Lesley Shepherd

    Tiny bird and butterfly houses can be made from scraps of wood, acorns or other nuts, air dry clay, polymer clay or epoxy putty. Choose a material that will stand up to the environment in your miniature garden.

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    Miniature Brooms

    Doll holding a 1:12 scale miniature bristle broom or stable broom

    Lesley Shepherd

    Do you need miniature brooms to sweep the paths in your garden, or a brush to scrub the pavers clean? These instructions will let you make brooms and scrub brushes in a range of sizes and shapes.

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    Miniature Spades, Garden Forks, Shovels, and Trowels

    Dollhouse scale constuction shovel made from a recycled food can.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Miniature spades, garden forks, shovels, and trowels can all be made for your fairy or miniature garden using recycled aluminum foil pans and the printable patterns attached to these instructions. The shovels can be made from lightweight cardstock if they are destined for a dry site.

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    Picket Fence

    A picket fence gate in dolls house scale made entirely from wooden stir sticks

    Lesley Shepherd

    The fence pickets that make this miniature picket gate are 'carved' by filing wooden coffee stir sticks or frozen treat sticks to your favorite fence picket shape. The pickets can be used to make miniature gates, fence sections to back a tiny garden or mark an entrance, or be used for simple rustic shelving, like the picket fence.

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    Simple Step Stools, Benches, and Tables

    A dollhouse scale step stool

    Lesley Shepherd

    Make simple step stools, benches, or tables for your miniature garden scene. You can use them to hold other miniatures like the woven garden hat, or small plant pots, miniature baskets, and other items.