8 Easy Throw-Pillow DIYs for Your Home

Blooming Homestead

Update your living space by crafting your own throw pillow. These DIY pillows are easy to make and will show you a huge range of ways to decorate a standard pillow with stamps, foil, dye, felt, or wool to create a stylish and affordable accent cushion. Even if you cannot sew, many of these DIY projects can be done by using a premade pillow cover, so get DIYing!


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    DIY Potato Stamped Pillow
    DIY Potato Stamped Pillow. Little Lessy

    Get stamping with to create your own custom patterned pillow by cutting a potato in half and carving out a shape, such as the cross, heart or star and stamp your new design onto a pillow case using fabric paint.

    DIY Potato Stamped Pillow from Little Lessy

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    DIY Faux Fur Envelope Pillow
    DIY Faux Fur Envelope Pillow. Blooming Homestead

    Add some texture to your space with a glam faux fur 12" x 18" envelope pillow that is made out of half a yard of faux fur fabric. This chic DIY pillow is a great way to add a cozy and warm feeling to any chair or sofa in your home.

    DIY Faux Fur Envelope Pillow from Blooming Homestead

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    DIY Gold Foil Pillow
    DIY Gold Foil Pillow. Sugar And Cloth

    Spell out your own custom message, or reproduce the "oh, la, la" pillow in the picture, by writing in glue and applying shiny gold foil on top to create a quick accent pillow. The metallic end result is the perfect way to add a gold accent to your living room.

    DIY Gold Foil Pillow from Sugar and Cloth

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    DIY Big Bow Pillow
    DIY Big Bow Pillow. Say Yes

    Create an eye-catching big bow pillow to decorate your living room by creating a standard square toss cushion and in the same fabric create a long fabric tube to tie into a bow and to sew to either side of the pillow.

    DIY Big Bow Pillow from Say Yes

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    DIY Sequin Pillow
    DIY Sequin Pillow. Sister's Suitcase

    Recycle an old sequin dress or skirt to create a sequin pillow by cutting the fabric to be the size you want the pillow to be, and sewing the top and bottom to form a pillow. The completed pillow, while perfect year round in your home, would be especially wonderful around your home for Christmas or New Year's Eve to add some sparkle to your home.

    DIY Sequin Pillow from Sister Suitcase Blog

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    DIY Dip Dyed Kool-Aid Pillow
    DIY Dip Dyed Kool-Aid Pillow. Endlessly Inspired

    Dip-dye a regular bland white pillow by using your favorite color of Kool-Aid that you have in your kitchen cupboards to create a trendy dip-dyed pillow for just a few dollars. To make your own, fill a plastic container with 3 packages of Kool-Aid and 1/2 of cup of vinegar to create the fabric dye that you can dip a standard pillow cover into. 

    DIY Dip Dyed Kool-Aid Pillow from Endlessly Inspired

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    DIY Heart Shaped Diamond Pillow
    DIY Heart Shaped Diamond Pillow. Makely Home

    Use this free template from Makely Home and dressmaker’s tracing paper to transfer the heart shape design to your pillow. To trace the lines of the pattern, thread white wool on a needle and embroider the design onto the pillow. The modern romantic design can be done on any color of fabric, so pick one that matches your room, or if you are unsure what color fabric to pick go for a classic bright red.

    DIY Heart Shaped Diamond Pillow from Makely Home

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    DIY Heart Pillow
    DIY Heart Pillow. Design Love Fest

    Consider yourself a big romantic? If so, show off your romantic side by making an adorable heart shaped pillow in your favorite colored fabric. The heart pillow looks amazing by itself, but it looks especially fabulous when clustered together with several other heart pillows in a variety of colored fabrics.

    DIY Heart Pillow from Design Love Fest