Easy Stone Settings for Your Homemade Jewelry

Diamond & Multi Stone Pendant

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Making stone settings for rings, earrings, and pendants can be very difficult. Luckily, there are some shortcuts that are better suited for beginners. You don't have to take the long road to fabricate your own setting and prongs and file them with a jeweler's file until the stone fits.

Today, just about anyone can set a stone using a variety of commercially available settings which are already set up to have a stone mounted in them. Though these settings do not provide the same quality created by a professional jeweler who is trained to set stones (most often using a bur and very steady hands), they are an easy answer to the jewelry hobbyist. Learn more about two different options available for easy stone settings.

Snap-Tite Stone Settings

Snap-Tite settings are available from Rio Grande and Fire Mountain. You match the size and shape of the stone to the size and shape of the setting. If you want to mount a 5 mm stone, you order a 5 mm pendant. The name explains basically how the stone is set into the setting. When pressure is applied by pushing the setting against the stone, it snaps into the setting.

You place the flat portion of the stone face down, then press the setting over it so the prongs engage. You may additionally use a pair of pliers to push the prongs more securely on the stone, although this is not required in the instructions. You could simply use these settings without needing a tool.

These settings are a quick solution if you have stones that are a standard size and shape. They are even available in heart shapes as well as oval, round, pear, and marquise. However, if you don't have a standard shape and size of stone, you may have to look for another solution.

Easy Mount Stone Settings

The Easy Mount settings are also easy to mount, just as the name implies. However, it is recommended that a special pair of pliers be used with these types of settings. They are called gem setting pliers. These pliers are designed to create the force needed to close the prongs without having to worry about using too much force and possibly damaging the stone. They can be adjusted to fit prongs from 2 1/2 to 15 millimeters high.

Again, the setting is ordered to match the size of the stone. The stone fits into the notches that are already cut into the setting. The stone will fit tightly. Then the pliers are used to compress the prongs around the stone.

These are easy solutions for the hobbyist and jewelry-making beginner so you can create custom jewelry from stones and set them without having to create the setting yourself.

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