Easy Projects Using Decorative Paper

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    Quick Projects Using Decorative Paper

    Decorative paper can transform a project
    Use decorative papers to jazz up an otherwise plain project. Kate Pullen

    While stampers like nothing more to get busy with their stamps, there are times when a quick alternative is useful. This might be for occasions when time is short, the perfect stamps are not to hand or simply as an opportunity to experiment with new techniques.

    Decorative papers, such as those used as backgrounds in scrapbooking and card making projects, are perfect for use in many other types of projects. These papers are often created by well-known designers and can introduce the 'wow' factor to even the most mundane project! Decorative papers are available in a wide range of styles, from contemporary to classic. And the best thing about using decorative paper is that by simply changing the theme of the paper, you can create boxes and other items for a range of different occasions.

    If you don't have any decorative papers available, then there are some interesting alternatives that can produce great results:

    • Use digital papers - there are many low-cost and free digital papers you can print to use to make these projects.
    • Make your own - create your own decorative papers using one of these techniques that are suitable for creating all over designs - Create Decorative Papers
    • Use wallpaper offcuts - pieces of wallpaper can be ideal for using in many papercraft projects
    • Recycle - old calendars, glossy magazines, posters and other printed items can be used to create interesting results
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    Folded Paper Gift Box

    Folded Box
    A few quick folds in some scrapbooking paper and you'll have cute gift boxes. Kate Pullen

    Use decorative papers to make these simple gift boxes. These can be customized further by the addition of some rubber stamped embellishments. These gift boxes are also great for holding keepsakes or items of jewelry. You can use virtually any gift box template as a base and cut it from decorative paper to create pretty gift bags and boxes.

    Tip: Make a few in different sizes using complementary papers and stack them on a dressing table or desk to use as an organizer.

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    Make a Colorful Basket

    Paper Basket
    This paper basket is quick to make and you can create a variety of styles by changing the paper. Kate Pullen

    Baskets make an interesting alternative to gift bags. This basket is made from a single square sheet of paper and can be embellished and adorned in many ways.

    Tip: Make a rubber stamped gift card using coordinating colors and hang it on the side of the basket.

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    Decorative Gift Tags

    Gift Tag
    Cut gift tags from decorative paper. Kate Pullen

    Use a punch or a template to produce quick and effective tags. Simply cut a tag shape from a piece of decorative paper. Tags are versatile and as well as being handy for attaching to gifts, tags can be incorporated into handmade cards, scrapbooks, and other projects.

    Tip: To make a quick yet effective greeting card, take a tag and envelope from odds and ends of left over decorative papers. Add these to a handmade greeting card that has been stamped using a complementary rubber stamp design. Use the back of the tag to write a special message.

    Download Tag Template

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    Paper Chains

    Decorative Paper Chain
    Make paper chains from decorative paper. Kate Pullen

    Give paper chains a sophisticated makeover! Use decorative papers interspersed with paper that has been stamped with complementary rubber stamps to create contemporary paper chain decorations.

    Tip: Make paper chains to match table decorations and use these to add an extra decorative touch to a special dinner or party.

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    Cover a Box With Decorative Paper

    Cover a box with decorative paper
    Cover a box with decorative paper. Kate Pullen

    Decorative paper can also be used to cover an old food box or container (the box in the image above started life as a cheese triangle box). When finished you have a cute little box which could be used as a gift box or storage box.

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    Gift Boxes

    Dome Box
    Make a quick gift box. Kate Pullen

    Simply cut this dome box template from decorative paper for great results. This really could not be easier and is a great way to produce a stunning looking gift box with the minimum of effort!

    Tip: Over stamp the paper with clear embossing ink and emboss this to give an added dimension to the paper. The shaping of the box will show off the embossing to great effect.

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