Free Sewing Patterns and Projects

Hands-on learning is the best way to learn how to sew. When you are teaching someone to sew, the skills they need to start are the basics. Learning the basics while sewing a project that will be cherished for years to come, make teaching someone to sew a rewarding experience that the student will remember forever. Remember to keep it fun with speeding tickets for the kids who want to make that sewing machine speed and a sewing machine license for those students who master controlling a sewing machine.

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    How to Teach Adults and Children to Sew

    Grandmother teaching granddaughter how to sew
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    Learn what you need and find print outs that will help make the learning experience fun.

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    Brush up on Your Knowledge

    Woman sewing fabric
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    You've sewn for years and you could sew with your eyes closed, but are you ready to explain the very basics? Refresh your mind with sewing terms, the basics of sewing seams, apply seam finishes and more so that your students will be able to learn from the ground up.

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    One Yard Apron

    One Yard Apron
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    This apron requires one yard of fabric to create a wearable apron. The skills learned in sewing this apron are measuring, cutting, pressing, turning under, sewing straight lines and sewing a casing for the drawstring.

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    Durable, Simple, Useful Pot Holder

    A Simple Potholder That Works Like a BBQ Mitt. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This useful potholder is going to be a small, easy to manage project that can be accomplished by someone learning how to sew for the first time, in one session. It will teach the students measuring, pressing, turning under and sewing straight lines.

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    Free Directions to Sew Envelope Back Pillow Covers

    The Front of an Envelope Back Pillow
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    This simple to sew pillow cover is a great way to teach someone basic sewing skills. The pillow cover requires measuring, sewing basic seams, straight stitching, pressing turning under and seam finishes in a useful first time sewing project.

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    Basic Tote Bag

    Finished Tote bag
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    A tote bag is something any and everyone can use at one time or another. This simple to sew project will teach measuring, sewing seams, sewing finishes, turning under, straight stitching and sewing on straps.

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    Sew a Fabric Travel Tissue Covers

    Travel Tissue Covers
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    These simple to sew travel tissue covers can double to hide and carry sanitary supplies for the girls. There are two styles to choose from. The slit front style is the very simplest while the envelope style would require older students who have more patience than very young students.

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    Learn and Teach Hand Sewing With Easy to Learn Sewing Projects

    Hand Sewing
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    It's not always possible to have enough sewing machines​ if you are teaching a group of children and hand sewing is a valuable skill. This page will take you to everything you need to focus on teaching and learning hand sewing.