Easy Paper Gift Bag Tutorial

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    Paper Gift Bag Tutorial

    Easy Paper Box or Bag
    Kate Pullen

    Here's a cute idea for a really quick gift bag to make. You can create this bag out of a single sheet of paper — and then go to town with decorations!

    The key proportions of this easy to make bag remain the same whether you are making a tiny bag for a couple of special candies or a bag for a larger present. This makes for a highly adaptable and versatile bag as it can be used for a whole variety of occasions. The bag can be rubber stamped, adorned with stamped embellishments, given handles, tied with ribbons, made with lightweight paper or sturdy card — the opportunities are almost endless!

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    Gift Bag Template

    Gift Bag Template
    Kate Pullen

    The reason why this gift bag is so adaptable is that the proportions between the sides always remain the same. The front and back of the bag are always twice the width of the sides, whether it is a tiny or large bag. These proportions give a tidy and firm base to the base of the bag. The bag can be made as tall or as short as you like!


    • Place a crease down the center of either side and fold the top of the bag over to create a bag that is ideal for confetti or small items
    • Punch two holes in the top of the bag at the front and back, threading ribbon or cord through to form handles.
    • Prepare a few undecorated bags and store flat. These can quickly be decorated with rubber stamps that are appropriate to the occasion for any last minute gifts!

    To Make the Bag

    Take a piece of paper the required size.

    Tip: Before making this bag with good paper, print the template out on scratch paper and practice making the bags first. This is also a good way to try out different stamping and decoration techniques and to practice the placement of stamped images.

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    Fold and Cut

    Fold and Cut
    Kate Pullen

    If the bag is to be stamped and decorated then it is a good idea to do this before folding and cutting the template. Draw, score and fold the lines of the template. Cut up to the bottom fold along the 4 marked cut lines.

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    Glue the Sides

    Glue the sides
    Kate Pullen

    Run glue or adhesive along the outside edge of the overlap piece and press this to the inside of the other edge. Use paper clips or pegs to hold the pieces together to dry.

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    Fold and Glue the Base

    Fold and glue the bottom
    Kate Pullen

    When dry, make the base of the bag by folding the two shorter side pieces in together. Take a look at the bag and determine which side, if any, is to be the front of the bag. Fold the back base first and the front base last, adding a dab of glue as required, this gives a neat finish to the bag. See the next page for a picture of the finished bag and some ideas for how to embellish it further!

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    Finished Gift Bag

    Finished Gift Bag
    Kate Pullen

    The finished gift bag can be decorated in a variety of ways. This gift bag has been embellished with a large three-dimensional decoupage decoration. Here are some ideas for other ways of finishing the bag:

    • Paper Flowers: Add a few small paper flowers to give the bag a striking finish
    • Flocking: Add some flocking for a textured effect
    • Embellishments: Add some of your favorite embellishments to brighten up the bag