Easy Origami Wallet Instructions

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    Easy Origami Wallet Instructions

    easy origami wallet diagram 1
    Chrissy Pk

    Learn how to make a useful origami wallet that you can put real money into, using one sheet of rectangular paper, this is a quick and easy origami model to learn, great for kids and adults!

    This is a great fathers day gift you can make easily, if you have some nice thick paper it would be even better.

    You'll need to find some quite large paper, I used A3 sized paper and it fitted notes from America and Australia, I am not sure of all the sizes, but the wallet can be customised to fit most I would think!

    You can also stick 2 sheets of A4 / letter paper together, by putting them side by side, as indicted in the image here, and overlapping them a tiny bit to glue them together.

    If you'd like a short version which would be great for credit cards, check out the DIY Origami Wallet Instructions.

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    Easy Origami Wallet Instructions - Page 1

    easy origami wallet diagram 2
    Chrissy Pk

    1. Start with your rectangular paper in a landscape position. Fold the bottom up to the top and make a crease and unfold, this is the central fold. Don't over crease this, it's going to be where the wallet folds in half.

    2. You can get your currency as a guide, and fold the bottom edge upwards, you will leave a gap here, depending on your note's size.

    3. Fold the bottom upwards, along the central fold.

    4. Fold the top down over the front layer, using it as guide. This is to make sure the fold are equal on each side.

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    Easy Origami Wallet Instructions - Page 2

    easy origami wallet diagram 3
    Chrissy Pk

    5. Unfold the paper back to the start. Fold the bottom flap up a little, about 1 cm, this is to make the outside pockets more durable.

    6. Refold the paper at the central fold.

    7. Fold the top edge down over the front layer, using it as a guide.


    8. Fold the bottom right and top right corners diagonally inwards, along the creases that are indicated.

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    Easy Origami Wallet Instructions - Final Page 3

    easy origami wallet diagram 4
    Chrissy Pk

    9. Refold the creases that are indicated.

    10. Flip the paper over, top to bottom, keeping the flaps you just folded on the right side.

    11. Fold the right end to the left, you can customise how big you want the front pockets on the inside of the wallet by folding less or more.

    12. Fold the left end to the right and inside the two pockets. Depending on your currency note size, you may need to leave a small gap.

    Straighten out the folds and make sure it's all lined up.

    And now you can fold the wallet in half, and it's complete.

    I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

    There is a video tutorial of this model you can watch here.

    I run a youtube channel called Paper Kawaii, if you like origami, I think you'd like it so click here to have a look.

    Check out my blog too if you like these tutorials.