Easy Origami Pinwheel Tutorial

close up of colorful origami pinwheel
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    Easy Origami Pinwheel Tutorial

    Origami Pinwheel Tutorial
    Chrissy Pk

    This super easy to make Origami Pinwheel would make a perfect decoration for kids parties.

    As it's such a simple design, young children will be able to make them, which makes this DIY the perfect rainy day activity.

    If you'd like to make these into pinwheels that turn, you could stick the flaps down with glue and then use a push pin or brad clip to attach them to a drinking straw, chopstick or wooden popsicle stick.

    If you'd like to start out on an even easier origami model you can try an easy origami fir tree or an origami sail boat. Both of these models would be great for beginners, for kids and adults!

    For this you will need one sheet of square paper, if you'd like the two colored effect, try to find some paper that either has white on one side, different patterns or colors on each side.

    The paper that we used is from Nick Robinson's, "Traditional Japanese Origami", which has over 70 sheets of very pretty origami paper and you can find it online.

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    Begin Folding

    Origami Pinwheel Tutorial beginning folds
    Chrissy Pk
    1. Fold your paper diagonally in half in both directions so that you have an X.
    2. Fold the top right and bottom left corners into the center.
    3. Flip the paper over, left to right.
    4. Fold the right and left edges to the middle.
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    Keep Folding

    Origami Pinwheel Tutorial middle folds
    Chrissy Pk
    1. Fold the top section behind.
    2. Fold the lower section behind, leaving you with a square
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    Almost Finished

    Origami Pinwheel Tutorial with first pinwheel spike
    Chrissy Pk
    1. Unfold the top left section.
    2. Pull out the top right section while re-folding the top left section.
    3. Unfold the bottom right section.
    4. Pull out the bottom left section while re-folding the bottom right section.

    You should have something that looks like the picture above.

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    Finishing Touches

    Origami Pinwheel Tutorial finishing touches
    Chrissy Pk
    1. Pull the top left flap out from the center and flatten it upwards.
    2. It should look like this.
    3. Do the same to the bottom right flap.

    Now you should have an origami pinwheel.

    You can watch a quick video tutorial if you need more of a visual aid. However, don't worry if it didn't work out the first time, just try again, it takes practice