Easy Origami Newspaper Box Tutorial

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    Easy Origami Newspaper Box Tutorial

    easy origami newspaper box 01
    Paper Kawaii

    Learn how to make a traditional origami Newspaper Box! This interesting origami box uses rectangular paper, preferably a section of newspaper!

    This origami box is a great way to keep your work surfaces clean whilst cooking (especially if your food came in newspaper!). Make this box using large paper, and then use it as a trash bin for your vegetable peelings, throwing the whole thing away when you're done.

    When you collapse the box, it even creates a cone shape, making it a great origami rubbish box!

    If you don't have newspaper, you can simply use some printer paper. If you can find a newspaper or magazine, find the middle of the book, and pull out a whole two page spread, which will give you the biggest box possible!

    For some 'prettier' origami gift boxes, check out the origami boxes over at Origami Spirit - a great origami resource website.

    For a very realistic and 'working' origami trash bin, check out this advanced origami tutorial!

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    Easy Origami Newspaper Box Tutorial - Step 1

    easy origami newspaper box 02
    Paper Kawaii

    1. Starting with your rectangular paper with the short end along the bottom, fold the bottom edge up to the top.

    2. Fold the paper in half, from left to right - creating a central crease and unfold.

    3. Fold the bottom right and left corners in and up to the central crease.

    4. Fold the top edge of the top layer down to the top of the triangles and then down again, over lapping them.

    Helpful hint: Make a good effort to keep your creases neat if you want your box to turn out neat too!

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    Easy Origami Newspaper Box Tutorial - Step 2

    easy origami newspaper box 03
    Paper Kawaii

    5. This is what you should have. Flip the paper over to the other side, from left to right.

    6. Fold the right and left edges to the central crease.

    7. Fold the top flap down to the top of the front layer, and then down again, overlapping the same way as before. Optionally, you can insert the flap inside the pocket underneath.

    8. Fold the bottom triangle up to the top and unfold again.

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    Easy Origami Newspaper Box Tutorial - Step 3

    easy origami newspaper box 04
    Paper Kawaii

    9. Make a diagonal crease by folding the bottom left section over to there right, aligning the bottom point and the bottom right corner, creasing only the bottom section.

    10. Open out the box, at the same time, fold the bottom section along the crease you just made, keep in mind that you have to open out the box first.

    11. You can use a little bit of glue to stick the flap in place, or just add your objects into the box, the weight will keep it in place. Poking the bottom up inside a little will also keep the box in shape!

    Now that your newspaper box is complete, you might want to check out some more interesting origami boxes in our origami box section!