Easy Origami Broomstick Instructions

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    Easy Origami Broomstick Instructions

    easy origami broomstick tutorial 01
    Paper Kawaii

    Learn how to make a quick and simple Origami Broomstick! This easy origami broom is great for fall and Halloween decorations! 

    If you are making a fun Halloween display this year, why not add a neat origami broomstick to it! This origami model is easy enough for you to make with children. The folds do not need to be exact, especially if you're creating a witches broom!

    If you have some witchy or pagan friends, this origami broom or 'besom' will make a cool quirky gift, or decorate a...MORE special handmade greetings card for them!

    All you need for this easy DIY broomstick is a strip of paper and some string or ribbon.

    Preferably the paper will be brown - If you don't have any origami paper, you can use a brown paper bag or parcel paper! 

    Any sized paper will work, a nice size to use would be half a sheet of A4 or US letter sized paper. Cut it in half so you get 2 long strips from it.


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    Easy Origami Broomstick Instructions - Step 1

    easy origami broomstick tutorial 02
    Paper Kawaii

    1. Start by folding your paper in half, and then cut along the crease, or you can use a strip of paper, any size will work.

    2. Now that you have your strip of paper, fold it in half from bottom to top and unfold.

    3. Next, fold the top and bottom edges into the central crease, and then unfold them.

    4. This time, fold the bottom edge up to the top crease and unfold.

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    Easy Origami Broomstick Instructions - Step 2

    easy origami broomstick tutorial 03
    Paper Kawaii

    5. Fold the top edge down to the bottom crease and unfold.

    6. Fold the top edge down to the top-most crease and unfold. Fold the bottom edge to the bottom-most crease and unfold.

    7. You now have 8 equal sections on this side of the paper.

    Flip the paper over to the over side, from left to right.

    8. Starting from the bottom edge, concertina the paper, making a total of 16 sections.

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    Easy Origami Broomstick Instructions - Step 3

    easy origami broomstick tutorial 04
    Paper Kawaii

    9. This is the result.

    10. Now you can fold the concertina'd paper in half.

    11. Make sure the ends are even, push them together and straighten out the 'handle' of the broomstick.

    12. Next get a piece of string or ribbon and tie it around the base to secure it.

    To give it an aged or witchy look, bend the handle of the broomstick in different directions.

    Now the origami broomstick is complete!

    If you got stuck at any point, you can check out a quick video tutorial of this model here.

    If you...MORE are looking for more Halloween Origami, why not make some easy origami pumpkins or a spooky origami ghost!

    Check out the next step for an example of this origami broomstick.

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    Make an Easy Origami Broomstick for Halloween!

    Easy Origami Broomstick Instructions - Step
    Paper Kawaii

    The paper used for this origami broomstick is 25 x 12.5 cm with the final size being 12 x 5 x 1 cm

    The paper was thin origami paper and the string is paper twine.